This 32-inch Dell gaming monitor is only $350, comes with FREE $150 gift card

Whether you're gaming on a Windows PC or an Xbox Series X|S console, a great monitor can make or break your experience. Dell makes a wide range of excellent gaming monitors for every budget, and one of the most well-rounded midrange monitors from Dell's lineup is currently enjoying a very lucrative discount. It's already tempting to pick up the Dell 32-inch USB Type-C Gaming Monitor for just $350 at Dell, but the monitor also comes with a free $150 Dell gift card to use on anything else Dell offers.

Dell 32-inch USB Type-C Gaming Monitor (G3223D): was $449.99 now $349.99 + free $150 Dell gift card

Dell 32-inch USB Type-C Gaming Monitor (G3223D): was $449.99 now $349.99 + free $150 Dell gift card

This midrange gaming monitor is perfectly suited for PC and console gaming, with a 1440p QHD, 165Hz IPS LCD display, a 1ms response time, DisplayHDR 400 support, and plenty of ports to keep you connected. It's a great value, even before it's heavily discounted and offered with a free gift card.

Price check: $349.99 at Amazon

Dell 32-inch USB Type-C Gaming Monitor (G3223D) boasts a very comprehensive specs sheet with everything you need to dominate your favorite PC games or top Xbox games. This includes a roomy, 31.5" IPS LCD display with a 1440p QHD resolution, a 165Hz refresh rate, a 1ms response time, AMD FreeSync Premium Pro (with NVIDIA G-SYNC compatibility), DisplayHDR 400 support, and a bevy of ports like DisplayPort 1.4, HDMI 2.0, USB Type-C for video, audio, and data, and some extra USB ports for additional connectivity.

It's well-reviewed by critics and users alike, thanks to its bright and colorful display, rock solid build quality, and solid support for gaming on Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S at 1440p and 120Hz through the HDMI 2.0 ports. HDR support isn't the greatest, but the display is vivid enough without it. If you want to streamline your connectivity, you can also connect via a single USB Type-C port to enable audio, video, and the extra USB ports stashed under the front of the monitor. It's a fantastic all-around display, and one of the best gaming monitors you can get at this price.

Why we like this deal

We would recommend the Dell G3223D gaming monitor at full price thanks to its consistently high reviews and solid hardware, so a hefty 22% discount (for $100 off) makes the monitor even more tempting. What really seals this deal, however, is the limited-time offer to score a free $150 Dell gift card with the purchase of the Dell 32-inch USB Type-C Gaming Monitor. That's in addition to the discount, and can be used toward anything else on the Dell store.

Are you thinking you don't need anything else that Dell makes? That's alright, because Dell sells a wide assortment of products through its reliable, reputable storefront, even from other top brands and companies. Right now, you can even buy a brand-new Xbox Series X for $50 off from Dell. If you pick up this monitor first, you can earn a sweet, combined $200 off an Xbox Series X to go with it. That's an incredible bunch of savings, but you can also peruse Dell's extensive offering of deals for other ways to use your $150 gift card.

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