Unbeatable deal: Save $1,500 on Samsung's absurd 55-inch 4K Odyssey Ark gaming monitor

Samsung Odyssey Ark 55-inch 4k monitor
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Samsung's Odyssey Ark 55-inch 4K gaming monitor blew everyone's minds when the manufacturer revealed it during CES 2022, and ever since its release in November 2022, it's stood tall (in more ways than one) as one of the most unique displays on the market. Unfortunately, it's also one of the most expensive, as it has a very steep MSRP of $3,499.99. For a limited time, though, you can score one for just $1,999.99 thanks to this incredible $1,500 discount on Amazon. With this deal, you're getting 43% off, making this the Odyssey Ark's lowest ever price.

Samsung Odyssey Ark 4K gaming monitor |$3,499.99$1,999.99 at Amazon

Samsung Odyssey Ark 4K gaming monitor | $3,499.99 $1,999.99 at Amazon

If you'd like a huge curved 4K panel with exceptional visuals, multi-view functionality, a vertical "Cockpit Mode," and more, look no further than the Odyssey Ark. Samsung's CES 2022 show-stealer is insanely expensive, but thanks to this deal, you can get it for $1,500 less for a limited time.

Like Samsung's other Odyssey gaming monitors, the Ark boasts very impressive specs. Its gigantic 55-inch screen features full 4K resolution, a 165Hz refresh rate, a 1ms response time, a 95% DCI-P3 color gamut, 1,000 nits of peak brightness with mini LED backlighting and 1,056 dimming zones, a 1:1,000,000 contrast ratio, and full support for HDR10+. The monitor's chassis also has a speaker in each corner and two subwoofers in the center, providing you with a solid sound system to use if you don't have or want to use speakers or a headset. You also get full tilt and pivot functionality for when you need to make adjustments.

What sets the Odyssey Ark apart from the rest of the best gaming monitors out there, though, is its ability to be rotated 90 degrees and used in a vertical configuration called "Cockpit Mode" for a unique experience. Note that both the regular 16:9 setup and Cockpit Mode let you display multiple smaller screens at once using the Multi-View feature, giving you the freedom to play, watch, and browse simultaneously. One limitation to be aware of is the fact that the monitor can't display more than one HDMI source with Multi-View despite the monitor having four HDMI ports, so you're limited to using the display's built-in apps or devices mirrored wirelessly. The included Ark Dial lets you tweak each screen's size and aspect ratio.

Ultimately, this gigantic monitor is gorgeous, and it stands out from the crowd quite a bit. It's tough to recommend at MSRP simply because of how high the price is, but thanks to this deal, it's a lot less expensive right now. A word of warning if you're planning to buy it, though: the monitor and its stand together weigh 91.5 pounds total, so you won't want to unbox it and set it up alone.

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