The world's most premium Xbox headset is getting a 20% discount for Prime Day

B And O Beoplay Portal
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Amazon Prime Day is here, giving us mountains of savings across all sorts of great products big and small, budget and premium. This next deal errs very much on the premium end with a capital P, owing to the fact it's the priciest Xbox headset in existence. 

This is the B&O Beoplay Portal, a lifestyle-oriented Xbox headset with a design for luxury first. Typically, it costs a truly eye-watering $500 dollars, making it cost as much as an Xbox Series X itself.  Thanks to Prime Day, though, the Beoplay Portal sheds $100 off the typical asking price. 

B&O Beoplay Portal | $500 $400 at Amazon

B&O Beoplay Portal | $500 $400 at Amazon

The B&O Beoplay Portal is one of the only two headsets available for Xbox that has ANC (active noise cancelling), which captures sound coming in from the outside and nullifies it with a cancellation wave algorithm. The headset itself is absurdly premium, with leather cups, incredible sound, and internal microphones. This headset is one for those who desire every luxury. 

The B&O Beoplay Portal is everything you could possibly want in a luxury high-end lifestyle Xbox headset. It's one of the only two Xbox headsets on the market with ANC active noise cancelling, and also one of the only Xbox headsets with Bluetooth 5.1, giving you a much cleaner signal than previous versions. These sorts of technologies factor into its price, which is a truly astronomical $500, made a little less painful thanks to its $100 price cut for Amazon Prime Day

I truly loved these headphones when I got to try them out, despite knowing I could never personally afford them. The earcups are dreamy in their implementation, with leather style materials that feels gentle on your skin. At just 250g it's also one of the lightest wireless headsets out there, despite all of the technology and premium materials baked therein. 

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The downsides in usability pertain to the internal mics, which aren't the best for tactical voice comms in games, although they will get the job done. It's also a bit of a downside that you can't mix Bluetooth and Xbox Wireless signals simultaneously, although it's clear that B&O might have done that to avoid the interference woes that often occurs in other headsets that allow for this kind of signal mixing.

Overall, it's a truly great headset for anyone who wants true lifestyle headphones that go with them to work, during commutes, and also when playing games. Most people may want something that is a little more affordable, but I'd be lying to suggest that the B&O experience wasn't top-shelf.

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