Add 10TB of storage to your workstation with $80 off the WD Easystore external hard drive

WD Easystore 14TB drive
WD Easystore 14TB drive (Image credit: Best Buy)

Western Digital's Easystore 10TB USB 3.0 External Desktop Hard Drive (opens in new tab) is on sale for $169.99 at Best Buy. It retails at $250 so you're saving $80 and it's $70 less than the 12TB version (opens in new tab). The 8TB model (opens in new tab) is also on sale at $60 off. Deals this good on these drives are pretty rare and usually only come around as one-day promotions. If you've missed previous deals, don't let this one pass you buy. Shipping is free.

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WD Easystore 10TB external desktop hard drive (opens in new tab)

Easystore is Best Buy's proprietary hard drive series from WD. Each has a USB 3.0 interface for easy plug-and-play usage and uses WD's Backup software to work quietly in the background to keep your files safe. You can use it on Mac or Windows PCs.

WD's USB 3.0 external desktop hard drive features a 10TB storage capacity with data transfer rates up to 5Gbps. It's backward compatible with USB 2.0 and offers automatic backup options to make it easy to ensure you never lose your data. It can be used with both Windows and Mac computers, though the latter would require a reformat.

This Best Buy-exclusive product received a rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars (opens in new tab) based on almost 800 customer reviews. At $170, it is down to one of the best prices we've seen for it and beats out comparable products like the WD 10TB Elements hard drive (opens in new tab) at Amazon.

This Easystore hard drive ships for free at Best Buy, though you could receive your order even faster by selecting free curbside pickup where available.

There are tons of other options on the market for external storage, so if the Easystore isn't quite right for you then be sure to take a look at our list of the best external hard drives in 2020 for some alternatives. That list has some smaller capacity portable options if 10TB is overkill for your needs and need to take your data on the go. It also features some SSDs for the speediest transfers.

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  • It always cracks me up when they say "up to 5Gb/s" because that's roughly 625MB/s but a 7,200rpm HDD is limited to about 225MB/s theoretical. The best I've seen is ~110MB/s for transfer, but that's likely because of the receiving device since write speeds are slower. I cannot wait for flash costs to drop to finally eliminate mechanical storage
  • it's because it about what the sata standard can peak at, and the USB components are capable of... Also, isn't this the model that's popular with the shucking crowd? I mean 20TB in my NAS sounds pretty nice wight now...