Temtem PC guide: Are there shiny Temtem like in Pokémon?

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Luma Temtem

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We're first assuming you've heard of Temtem, the latest monster-catching RPG that's out now in Steam Early Access. Though similar to Pokemon in many ways, the game also has key differences that make it stand out. For one, it's an MMORPG, meaning you can see and interact with other players in the game as you progress. For another, it's quite a bit more challenging, requiring more of a grind to defeat other Temtem tamers who stand in your way.

But one similarity is that both games have somewhat oddly-colored creatures who don't match the rest of their species. In Temtem, these are Luma Temtem, and if you ever encounter one, you want to be sure to tame it immediately.

What makes Luma Temtem different?

Luma Temtems are similar to shiny Pokemon if you're familiar. Essentially, they are Temtem that are a different color than the species is regularly. They're incredibly rare, and finding them is up to random chance. You'll know you've encountered one immediately when one appears, as they will not only be a different color than the Temtem is normally, but they'll also shine and sparkle distinctively at the start of the encounter.

However, unlike shiny Pokemon, Luma Temtem have additional perks that come with being a cool different color, making them desirable to capture even if you're not into color variations.

Are Luma Temtem stronger than regular Temtem?

Luma Temtem

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Yes! Well, sort of. Essentially, every Luma Temtem will have at least three perfect "Single Value" stats. Single Values are essentially set stat numbers that never change for a Temtem, and are generated whenever it's born or spawned. Of a possible 50 points, at least three of that Temtem's single values will be at 50 to start, giving them the best possible headstart in those three stats for future training. When combined with "Base Stats" (which increase as a Temtem levels up) and "Training Values" (which are growth numbers affected by which Temtem it battles as it levels up), you get a Temtem's total power.

The simple way to say that is that while it's possible for a non-Luma Temtem to be stronger than a Luma Temtem, Luma Temtems have an advantage from the beginning and tend to be stronger when you first get them. They are also valuable to breed other Temtems from because the stats that make them stronger can be passed down to their children.

How do I find a Luma Temtem?

Temtem Luma Skunch

Source: Rebecca Spear / Windows Central (Image credit: Source: Rebecca Spear / Windows Central)

It's unfortunately entirely up to chance whether you can find a Luma Temtem or not. Luma Temtems have a 1 in 6,000 of being spawned whenever you encounter an untamed Temtem in the wild. And unlike in Pokemon, there are currently no particular ways to improve that chance, such as items or achievements. You just have to be really, really lucky.

If you want a Luma Temtem, your best bet then is to find a spot with the kind of Temtem you want and then just fight a lot of untamed Temtem. Your chances are something like 0.02% of finding one in a given encounter, though, so don't waste away trying. It's far more fun to get lucky at random than to grind for days, weeks, or even months trying to find something so rare.

Any questions?

Are you still confused about Luma Temtem? Let us know in the comments below, and we'll try to help you find your way around Luma Temtem...though finding one is something you'll have to leave up to chance!



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