This morning we announced AT&T’s Black Friday deal for the Lumia 920--$50 on contract plus a free wireless charging plate (while supplies last). That’s a great deal for those looking to pick up a new phone this week but may rub some people the wrong who purchased the 920 early for $99.

Word in our forums is that if you call or chat with AT&T, they will credit your account $50—the exact difference between Friday’s price and what was initially offered a few weeks ago. In fact, reading through the forum comments it looks to be a high success rate, meaning this won’t be a “if you’re lucky” situation but should be rather painless.

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Truth be told, AT&T is hiding the price a bit here with the Lumia 920. One of our AT&T sources told us in fact the phone is free starting Friday, you’re just paying the $50 for the wireless charging plate. AT&T does this a lot whereby the count the SKU for accessory as a sale rather than the phone itself. Despite the mini shell game AT&T is playing here, consumers win by getting an amazing phone for a great deal.

Head to our Lumia 920 forums for even  more discussion on this phone.