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AT&T early adopters getting $50 credit for Nokia Lumia 920

This morning we announced AT&T’s Black Friday deal for the Lumia 920--$50 on contract plus a free wireless charging plate (while supplies last). That’s a great deal for those looking to pick up a new phone this week but may rub some people the wrong who purchased the 920 early for $99.

Word in our forums is that if you call or chat with AT&T, they will credit your account $50—the exact difference between Friday’s price and what was initially offered a few weeks ago. In fact, reading through the forum comments it looks to be a high success rate, meaning this won’t be a “if you’re lucky” situation but should be rather painless.

Truth be told, AT&T is hiding the price a bit here with the Lumia 920. One of our AT&T sources told us in fact the phone is free starting Friday, you’re just paying the $50 for the wireless charging plate. AT&T does this a lot whereby the count the SKU for accessory as a sale rather than the phone itself. Despite the mini shell game AT&T is playing here, consumers win by getting an amazing phone for a great deal.

Head to our Lumia 920 forums for even  more discussion on this phone.

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  • I was unable to get the credit when I tried this morning.
  • I tried again via chat, linked to this article and the guy was cool enough to process it.
  • I tried via chat. First agent wouldn't do anything. Closed the window and tried again. Second agent did it after some convincing.
    Agent: Thank you for chatting with AT&T today.  I can help you with your question regarding credit for the Lumina 920
    Me: Hi
    Me: I've heard that those who purchased the*****at launch time for $99 are able to get a %50 statement credit since the price of the phone drops this Friday
    Me: $50*
    Agent: Please allow me 2-3 minutes to access and review  your account.
    Agent: Thank you for your patience
    Agent: Web site is not an AT&T website
    Agent: Policy to receive sale price for phone would be to return the phone within the 14 days and purchase at new price on Black Friday ..
    Me: Will the answer be different if I call customer service on the phone instead? I personally know people who were given the credit over the phone
    Agent: As1 time courtesy I can issue credit of $50.00
    Of course I didn't actually know anyone personally who got credit over the phone
    Interestingly, the name of the phone is sensored out. This is the transcript that was emailed to me after the session. Didn't get sensored when the agent misnamed it the "Lumina"
  • Love being an AT&T customer. Just have to avoid ever needing to talk to their support.
  • THIS
  • Don't know what your talking about... Been with them for 10 years, and I've had lots of success with customer support. I have had hundreds refunded to me, maybe about $800 because of mess-ups, but they are so quick to fix it, and they were all my own mess ups.
  • Dell is worse. When I had a dvp, oh my god.
  • Cool
  • Just bought mine on Rogers Yesterday.  Wonder if they will be offering the same if their price drops before Friday this week.  Also no free wireless charging pad up here, and can't find a single place that sells them.  
  • My friend went to an AT&T store yestrday, ready to pay $99 for a red 920, and was offered the $49 price.
  • Would love to take advatage of this, but there is still a limited supply of phones at most stores here in NYC! Most stores only have a supply of black and white - when most people are looking to break out of those mundane colors. Hope supply picks up by friday!
  • Go to Philadelphia, Pa only 1 hour 30 min drive but my local store has all colors
  • I'm looking for one in cyan, may I have a location or zip I could use to find one in that area?
  • No luck for me. They didn't even know about the sale for black friday
  • I'm slightly confused... The wording of this article makes it sound like the price will permanently drop to $49... Is that true?
  • No luck so far for me.  Frustrating that 'some' do it and others do not.  All depends on which agent you talk to...
  • Got mine just now.
  • This doesn't seem to work if you purchased the phone in the store. I just tried a chat and they wouldn't. I'll go into the store to see if they will credit.
  • If it's anything like last years Black Friday, they'll credit you in store. Worked for me and my Samsung Focus S. It was rather painless but if you run into trouble, ask to speak to the manager. Good luck and hope you enjoy your Lumia 920!
  • Did they lower the off contract price as well?
  • Yeah doubt they will even have any charging plates black Friday
    I still haven't got mine and I ordered my phone Nov 6th.
  • I don't know about this. Nokia seems to be on a road to establish their flagship phones at the $49 mark. That can't be good for them long-term.
  • I think you misunderstand how pricing works...Nokia is not selling the phone for $49. AT&T is...and really, AT&T is selling you a 2 year contract, the phone is just to get your to sign. AT&T bought "X" amount of phones from Nokia at a certain price. AT&T pays Nokia more per phone because it is exclusive to them. Exclusives benefit carriers, not OEMs, which is why Nokia gets more money per device.  Granted, I'm sure the 920's profit margin is slim, especially compared to the iPhone, but don't phrase this as Nokia selling the phone for $49 as that is not reflecting the subsidy that Nokia received.
  • Sure, I understand the $49 is not all Nokia gets, but wouldn't a good part of the "49" vs. "199" (iPhone, high end Androids) difference come off Nokia's final receipt, too - even while they're still getting additional funds? I can hardly imagine that AT&T is selling a phone as good as (we think better) than the iPhone for $150 less, and include anywhere near the full $150 discount in the final Nokia payments?
    In other words, if Apple got $199 sale price plus another $200 for the contract, and Nokia got the $99 price plus the same $200, will AT&T discount the phone from $99 to $49 and pay a full $250 extra after discount - which is already only $299 to Apple's $399? How can Nokia introduce a $199 model now and get $399, when people expect to pay $49? If Nokia will be established at $49 in people's minds, I don't see AT&T paying them $350 so they can earn what Apple does (or another competitor that is more comparable - I suppose Apple will see a premium for the foreseeable future).
    I.e., I think Nokia ($99) and AT&T (discounting it to $49) for first the 900 and now - even quicker - the 920 is establishing a low-price expectation for Nokia in the U.S. The 900 was billed as "breaking into the market," which left room for higher prices later, but by now we've got a pattern. These were supposed to be the flagship devices - how can they come in any higher at this point?
  • If they price it too high the crowd yells "It needs to get market share, they can't price it near the iPhone or SGIII!". If they price it too low the crowd yells, "It's too cheap for a flagship phone. It needs to demand the price of an iPhone or SGIII! It is seen as a budget phone not premium.". Nokia can't win with such a great group of expert marketing people we have in here. LOL!
  • Nokia is still selling Lumia 920 around globe for 600-650 euros. 
    It'as just pushing in USA with price. It's the same Android did when Symbian controlled. 
  • I received a 50.00 credit toward the online purchase of my 920 because ATT failed to ship the micro-SIM card, along with the key to unlock the SIM door. Had to go to the store and pick up a SIM.
  • They are defaulting to the 1 week price match answer so probably no credit.
  • Yeah I edited my post to reflect the fact that mileage may vary is in full effect.  There are still quite a few success stories.  The key here is to be persistent but remain civil.  Being rude to someone on the phone, in the store or on chat does nothing to help you in the long wrong.  
  • Sweet deal!  And the Black Friday sale is cool too.  Now to see if the Black Friday sale extends to the no committment price :)
  • After a long conversation with two departments it appears this only applies if you purchased online and not in store.
  • Interesting.  I'm curious what the ratio is of people who ordered online versus picking theirs up in the store is that received the credit and posted in my thread.  
  • I called worked.  On top of that, I exchanged mine for a new one over the weekend, and they gave me a $35 credit in case the store charged a restocking fee, which they didn't.  So I"m sitting with an $85 credit for next month.  Sweet!
  • OK, I bought mine on line because the store reps were so bad and couldn't help. I did the on line chat to get my credit for the 2 phones I bought. They told me no even after I told them I want to return these phones and will rebuy them.  She told me to call 611 and talk to them.
    The guy didn't want to give me it either but did end up giving me the credit as a courtesy credit.  Either way, keep pounding them and they will give in.
    by the way, I left Sprint because they suck and I even paid the ETF.  Maybe Sprint will get a windows phone that doesn't suck.
  • May ask why you returned the first phone?
  • I just wanted to make sure I didn't have a faulty battery and it was really burning up.  The rattle bothered me as well.  I got the exact same phone, white, and it feels like the battery lasts longer, it doesn't get as hot and the rattle isn't as pronounced as the first phone.  Of course, this may be some sort of pseudo effect in my brain, where I just think it's better.
  • I'm getting an $86 credit! $36 activation waived, and $50 credit for the phone discount...WOOHOO!
  • Im waiting for free
  • Called in, spoke with them, got it set up to apply it to next month's bill. And people, this is key, be polite. It goes a long way with those of us in various customer service positions. Also, wondering how the success ratio matches with time of being a customer...
  • I have only been a customer since the end of August.  I added a line to get the 920 on contract for $99.  I gave the new line to my daughter and she is also using my Lumia 900 that I signed up with.  
  • I've been a customer for 9 years, since it was Cingular wireless.
  • Same here.
  • DIdn't work for me on the phone, been with them for 5 years.
  • What number did you call?
  • I just called 611, did the confirm my number, hit 0 twice to get straight to a rep. Heck, maybe its because I work in a customer service job myself I know how to ask for what I want.
  • I'm going to wait until Friday to call then ask them to match price.
  • Here are this week's WP sales rankings on
    AT&T (95 phones offered)
    21. HTC 8X Blue 8GB (37. a week ago, 24. a month ago)
    24. Nokia Lumia 920 Black (17. a week ago, not available a month ago)
    28. Nokia Lumia 920 Cyan (56. a week ago, not available a month ago)
    35. Nokia Lumia 920 Red (53. a week ago, not available a month ago)
    39. Samsung Focus Flash (63. a week ago, 47. a month ago)
    42. Nokia Lumia 920 White (36. a week ago, not available a month ago)
    45. Nokia Lumia 900 Cyan (38. a week ago, 59. a month ago)
    46. Nokia Lumia 900 Black (39. a week ago, 26. a month ago)
    61. HTC 8X Blue 16GB (70. a week ago, not available a month ago)
    62. HTC 8X Yellow 8GB (71. a week ago, not available a month ago)
    64. Nokia Lumia 920 Yellow (48. a week ago, not available a month ago)
    66. Nokia Lumia 820 (72. a week ago, not available a month ago)
    68. Samsung Focus 2 (59. a week ago, 56. a month ago)
    69. Nokia Lumia 900 White (74. a week ago, 42. a month ago)
    81. HTC Titan (84. a week ago, 69. a month ago)
    82. Samsung Focus S (85. a week ago, 71. a month ago)
    HTC Titan II is not offered
    Nokia Lumia 900 Pink is not offered
    HTC 8X Yellow 16GB is not offered

    T-Mobile (32 phones offered)
    6. HTC 8X (23. a week ago, not available a month ago)
    14. Nokia Lumia 810 (22. a week ago, not available a month ago)
    21. Nokia Lumia 710 White (31. a week ago, 26. a month ago)
    29. Nokia Lumia 710 Black (30. a week ago, 25. a month ago)
    30. HTC Radar (19. a week ago, 27. a month ago)
    Verizon (79 phones offered)
    21. HTC 8X Black (not available a week ago, not available a month ago)
    23. Nokia Lumia 822 Black (60. a week ago, not available a month ago)
    57. HTC 8X Red is not offered (not available a week ago, not available a month ago)
    58. Nokia Lumia 822 White (58. a week ago, not available a month ago)
    59. HTC 8X Blue (59. a week ago, not available a month ago)
    76. HTC Trophy (54. a week ago, 68. a month ago)
    Nokia Lumia 822 Grey is not offered
    Sprint (49 phones offered)
    None offered
  • The way they apply these free accessories sort of sucks, since I bought mine in the store, they actually had to charge me the $50 for the charging plate and they sold the phone to me for $50, so instead of the phone being $100, it looks like I bought the phone for $50, so I doubt I would get any type of credit either.
  • I was billed the same way and I got credited. I called 611 from my phone and the guy was really nice. All I did was asked nicely
  • I did the same and it worked great
  • The question are this gonna be in stock???
  • I've been around the block a few times trying to get a Lumia 920 at all. All AT&T stores in my area (15+ in Southern Calif.) do not have any color but white, and that is not the color I wanted. I'd be happy with Cyan or Black.
    I'm hoping that they'll either have these in stock on the weekend, finally, or be willing to sell to me, and ship, once they're available.
    Anyone know if this will this be the "Online" price too, or just the "in store"?
  • I contacted ATT via phone call and was able to get a $50 credit issued on my next bill.  The standard practice is to return the phone and re-purchase but they allowed this as an alternative.  I commend ATT for such good customer service, the lady I spoke with was very nice and helpful.
  • Just got off the phone and got the difference deducted from my bill. Heck yesss
  • tried online chat. the rep asked me where i got this information and he did not believe it's true and refused to work with me
    Status update:
    tried another online chat. it worked and the rep was very nice and gave me $50 credit. I ordered my on 11/7 and I have premier account too. I am not sure if which online chat you connected matters. The fisrt one I connected to tech support chat but this time I connected to order online chat which i must enter my ssn number. good luck everyone. I think it really depends on who you talk to so you may try another time
  • This isn't necessarily on-topic, but every time I try to go to the Lumia 920 board on the forums, it sends me to posts from the main site tagged with the Lumia 920 tag. Is anyone else experiencing this? I'm using IE10 on Windows 8, and I figured I would pass along my troubles in case it wasn't a known issue.
  • Does anyone know if AT&T will drop the off contract price by $50 this weekend? Right now the price is $450,
    Thanks for any info.
  • I don't see why they would because they just want to lock you into the contract with this promotion
  • It took less than 2 seconds to get the rep to credit me the difference.  Gotta love AT&T customer service.  WOO-HOO!!!
     BTW, I purchased ove the phone on 11/7. 
  • Does anyone know if the full price is adjusted down a little?
  • If it doesn't work, close out the chat and start a new one. That's what my friend just did. The first person told her she can return it and rebuy it... the second just gave the credit.
  • Worked for me this morning. I purchased on launch day, no commitment price. $50 credit today :)
  • no go on the first round of chatting... any reccomendations on what to say to get the $50 credit?
    Two chat sessions and still a no go.  First said to talk to them again once the deal was official on Friday... Second said that it was not ATT's policy to price match.  But both told me since it falls within the 14 day purchase window (got it on the 10th) I should take it back and swap for a new phone at the lower price.  I asked why not just credit me so that you don't have to deal with a used phone and I was not going to pay the activation twice.  Neither had an answer other than "Sorry".  :(
    After 3 chat sessions the rep said that someone from ATT would call me about this.  Apparently the promotion was only fo the "West".  As I am located in MO I am not in the "West".  But... They did honor the deal for me and I am getting the $50 credit on my next bill.  A long drawn out process but eventually it worked out.
  • I linked them the sale and told them that others had been gettign credited the difference. I then ASKED if I "could be extended the same courtesy," and the person asked her supervisor before telling me she could. So don't demand anything, just ask politely.
  • I just finished a chat with a service rep, and got a $49.99 credit towards my next bill. All I had to do was ask nicely, and I got the credit done in a few minutes. Nice!
  • Bought mine in store last Friday. Got on live chat, simply advised I know others are getting the refunded difference, and it was done. No questions, no hassle. Nice!!!
  • According to ATT the offer is only available in AZ,AK,CA,CO,HI,ID,MT,NV,NM,OR,UT,WA,WY.
  • I'm in Illinois and was credited it, so I am guessing if that IS the case, then they are not checking the location of user accounts, so people shouldn't let that deter them from trying.
  • I was not able to get the credit either, said I should call back after the price goes down in their system
  • Just got a $57 credit ($50 plus taxes). Thanks! I will be adding two more lines this weekend. What an amazing deal.
  • You should have to call at all. They should just give the credit to all that bought through their system
  • I purchased my 920 on November 15th so I feel into the 1 week window.  Received the $50 credit!  Thanks for the heads up!
  • Apparently I'm not getting the discount cause I'm a premiere member and I purchased the phone online. The rep I talked to said that premier members are exempt from from credits to price changes on online purchases(that it says it in the fine print or w/e Bs). She did give me 15$ for wrong info or something, but still I think there's something fishy going on. I'll have to talk to them again later when I have more time to deal with it.
  • Try again. I'm a premier customer, after 3 transfers I was credited $50. I was polite and they did explain that online orders where not to be given this credit. After 45min on phone, I'm happy it went through. However I believe I'll wait for devices to be in store next time instead of preordering.
  • Just got credited.. Told them I just bought the phone a few days back and its already dropped in price... Mentioned a lot of people I know are getting credited the difference. They agreed to do it and applied the credit towards my bill. I did it through the chat, if that makes any difference.
  • Status update:
    tried another online chat. it worked and the rep was very nice and gave me $50 credit. I ordered my on 11/7 and I have premier account too. I am not sure if which online chat you connected matters. The fisrt one I connected to tech support chat but this time I connected to order online chat which i must enter my ssn number. good luck everyone. I think it really depends on who you talk to so you may try another time. i am in ohio
  • See I knew something felt wrong about that. Damn you att for trying to screw me over. I'm gunna go for my 50$ credit again later and bitch to the person I talk to that the other rep said I couldn't do it(maybe I'll get a 2nd 15$ credit, take that att!!).
  • I just called att and they credited me the $50 whoop!
  • Does me no good until March of next year.....
  • You have to specify that you know someone who has been credited. They can't be unfair to a single customer.
  • I mentioned that this happened for people I know... but they still said no.  I didn't want to give a specific name though.
  • WOOHOO, just got my credit, paying 50$ less on next month's bill!
  • Does anyone know if MS Store purchases are eligible for this? I bought mine there as the AT&T line was too long.
  • WP central should do a poll to see the success rate of getting this credit. I got a $25 credit and they said to call back tomorrow and they will credit me another $25. The rep. said she could only give a $25 credit and another rep would have to do the same.
    Two important keys:
    1) When you get the chat person on the line, be SUPER polite and ask. It doesn't matter what state you live in.
    2) Refer to the fact that several people you know have gotten this already....because they in fact have!
  • I just popped in (have a Cyan 920 on order from ATT) and they basically said " yeh, of course. just mention it again when you pick up your phone and we will sort it on your next bill". seemed pretyt easy (in a New York ATT)
    side note, the guy I deal with in there just finished his Lumia 920 training yesterday and said he has fallen in love with the phone and its "awesome little features". Thigs actually seem to be going well this time around! there are genuinely more people on the Lumia's than the iphone's every time i go into that store
  • Chatting now with AT&T... Check this out!  All AT&T customers who purchase directly from AT&T  are eligible for price protection when the price of recently purchased equipment is reduced within the same sales channel during the 14 day return period.
  • If you bought it in the store... go to the store and work it out.  If you bought it on the website... you have to call.
    also... Charging plates are still on Backorder.
  • Got my credit =)
  • Just got my credit on 2 phones.  $100
  • Jokes on the supplies from Nokia, specially the colored versions.... (Disclaimer: I don't consider black to be colored   )
  • I just got off the phone with the rep, I asked nicely and she agreed to give me the credit.  I think that she must have looked at the 900's price instead of the 920 b/c she said it was going for $.99 instead of $49, so I got a credit of $99!!!  Awesome!  Still no word on my charging plate though.
  • I'm on the line with AT&T now.  They are applying the $50 discount to my account as I type!!!  YES!  AT&T!!!!
  • How will ATT handle this when they zero 920 in stock? I have a hard time to believe that they do not take any orders online now, but open the gates on Friday for the reduced price? Tried for days ordering a yellow but no luck.
  • I got denied when I called.  I was told that "AT&T doesn't price match".  Then I used the TalkTo service ( to contact the local store and they told me that I have to wait for the promotion to start and that I should call or go in on Friday.  Ugh.
    Maybe I'll try the chat.  I don't want to go in there on Friday and I know they won't answer the phone b/c they'll be too busy.
    *while I have your attention, please send a TalkTo message that you'd like their service to have a Windows Phone app. They have Android and iOS, but claim that they don't get many requests from Windows Phone users.  
  • I tried to get credited on chat, but the agent said price match was only good for the iPhones. I was like that is crazy, it's your own price. So I disconnected and called in. The agent I spoke to was super nice and the credit is already on my account
  • The sales rep said she needed proof that other customers have got the 50$ credit so i just shared this post with her and in two minutes, i got the credit. Yaay!!!
  • "This Black Friday deal does have a caveat: it is only for those smartphones that are sold at AT&T's company-owned retail stores. In other words, this won't be available online or at other retail locations.
    So what about all those people who became early adopters and bought the Lumia 920 ahead of this week's Black Friday sale? reports that those customers who call AT&T or speak to a company rep in a store will be able to get a $50 credit on their AT&T account.
    Keep in mind that there will be a limited supply of Lumia 920 devices at AT&T stores, and even if they do have some in stock, they may not have the case color that you have your eye on."
    This means this is just a trick to get folks into the retail store on a terrible shopping day just to find out they are out of stock or only have white 'color' ? I am not getting up early standing in line for potential 50$ discount on a color I dont even want.
  • Credit came out to $51.18 with tax!  Black Friday ain't so bad...
  • I was able to get an immediate $50.00 credit, it only took about 6 mins total with the phone rep I spoke to. And he set me up with an additional charging plate. Cause I wanted one in red. It was the best customer support I have received from ATT ever. It so rocked.
  • I purchased in store on launch day and did online chat and was able to get a $54 credit. I posted this and the rep took care of the rest..
    "Hello! I frequently visit Windows Phone websites and it seems ATT will soon be offering the Nokia Lumia 920 for $50. I purchased the Lumia 920 for $100 and there are reports of ATT crediting people’s accounts for the $50 difference. Here is a link to the article:
    It seems to be hit or miss depending on the customer service rep but hopefully you can help me out."
    Good luck.
  • Thank you, I used your post in ATT chat room...but it works on the phone for me. :)
  • Nokia is sowing seeds, with all this generosity. I believe they will reap the benefits soon...
  • ugh, have to go in store to do it.  Guess officially At&t came out with a policy of not doing it over the phone.  BOOOOO, or at least that's what the rep told me when I called and she was really nice.
  • I just chatted with a rep. Got my $50 credit, and I purchased my Lumia 920 from a local AT&T store. No fuss, no hassle at all!! Sweet!! :)
  • Chat crashed twice and definitely wasn't my internet.
    On phone with customer service,being polite,explained switching to ATT for Nokia 920,that I still had no charging plate,now price cut,she understood but her supervisor said no go,have to go to store.
    I thanked her and asked to speak to anyone she thought might be able to help,transferred to new department and looking good. $113.00  taken off of my bill for the 2 phones!!!!
    Happy Holliday's everyone
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    Damn it, i bought it on the first day Nov. 9 for $99 but no wireless charging plate was providing, how could that be solved?  
  • If you bought it at a store, go back and ask them about it.
    I went back a week later and they ordered one for me (no estimated hipping date provided though).
  • I just tried getting credit through chat and was told I need to call in. I called in and the rep told me she was 100% certain that the Nokia 920 is not going to be on sale this Friday for 49.99. I then tried chat again:
    ME: there are several people that have purchased the nokia 920 for 99.99 and receiving credit for 49.99
    ME: I know some personally that ordered the same day that I did
    Johnathan  : I do apologize, we do not give any credits for price matching.
    Johnathan  : If you have any further questions, you can visit an AT&T store.
    I guess I'll try again on Friday as this rep must not be aware of the sale price for Friday either. Throughout the chat he kept mentioning "price matching". In my undersanding it's not called price matching when you are honoring your own sale price...
  • call 611. tell them you will just return the phone and rebuy it.  That is how I got mine.
  • Thanks for the tip BigDre. I did get a little further this time. The rep checked with her supervisor and they told me to call back on Friday and they would be able to give me the price difference then but not any sooner. I asked why my friends were able to get the credit now and I had to wait,  she really didn't have an answer for that. She said they must have connected to a different call, whatever. Anyway, I got her name and employee ID just in case I get the run around again on Friday.
  • LoL.... Now early buyers happy
  • Used chat, got rebate for me and my wife with no issues.
    Wonder if they look at how long a customer you have been? I've been on ATT for like 3 years now.
  • I just called 611 on my phone & the rep credited me my $50 diff + tax on my current bill. Nice!!
  • Getting the $50 credit applied now! I expect to get this phone for free, just like I got my launch day 900 for free :-)
  • I tried on the phone and the rep told me the promotion ended, but then I tried again through chat and had the rep matched both the Black Friday sale and I also had him waive the upgrade fee.
  • I spoke with a representative and she told me that I could not get a rebate, even though I told her I pre ordered the phone at $99! 
  • I received a 200 dollar credit after I told them I'll just return all 4.  They gave me a 200 dollar "one time credit"  Now I need a microcell for free. 
  • anyone having luck going to store now asking for 49$ price? These prices are called Black Friday price for reason but I would think in these cases they will refund due to price protection?
  • Tried to call, no go.
    Tried to chat, no go.
    Tried to call again, and success. Took a long time on the phone, but finally got it.
  • It took me two chat guys, one phone guy, and one phone lady to get it done, but I receive a $100 credit for 2 lumias purchased last Saturday. 
  • I had to talk to two reps, $100 credit for two preordered 920s. Be polite & keep trying.
  • dont do chat, tried 4 times, nogo, called 611, 4 minutes got the credit
  • I was able to get the discount as well.. Used the online Chat at AT&T .. Being polite is KEY though!!  My wife and I bought 2 920's on the 9th in Store.. Since I am a "Valued Customer" they extended me the $50 credit per phone for a total of $100 off my bill! WOO-HOO!! Thank you WPCentral for posting this!!! And Thank You AT&T!
  • @NEWFIEND - Just as you are a "Valued Customer" I informed them I had just switched from a rival for this phone and they took the same amount off of my bill,so yes thank you ATT and fellow wpcentral readers for contributing advice on the handling situation
  • I bought 3 Lumia 920s for my family yesterday in-store at $99. Then I saw this tip...
    No luck the first go around using online chat - she just said something generic like "we have nothing to announce at this time". But I then tried calling and going through billing support and had no problems getting the $150 credit applied there
    Thanks for the tip!! It will make waiting for the phones to ship a lot nicer.
  • Couldn't get the credit.  I tried two online chats, and two phone calls.  They all told me it was in-store only, and that if you ordered the phone online, that the Black Friday deal does not apply to the order.  So, I regret pre ordering the phone now, and will not do it again in the future!
  • Keep trying, I see others have tried more than 3-4 times.
  • Yep, just keep trying. It took me 3 times, but finally got it.
    Funny, they told me the opposite... I like Nokia, I like my 920 but I hate liar...shame on ATT.
  • Just got my $50 back through the AT&T online chat. I simply stated the situation and sent the rep the link of this news. The rep did ask my account number on the bill, and applied the credit on my next bill. The whold process is around 4 minutes. 
  • It finally worked on my 4th try through the AT&T chat.
  • I called AT&T.  I ordered 2 Nokia 920 phones online.  I explained that AT&T has a price drop to $49.99 and I just purchased mine online and would like the new price.  It took a minute but she credited my account with $50x2.  So far I got.....
    Lumina 920 Red and Cyan
    $99 red - mine - bad SIM card would not connect on turn on.  I had to go down to my local AT&T store to get a new one.  Its not an corporate store, so my AT&T rep thought I might have to pay for a new SIM.  He credited me $40 to cover any cost I might have.  I did not even have to ask for this.
    $99 Cyan - wife - love the color - boot up and connected fine.  No problems so far. 
    $198 for both phones
    $72 for activation ($36) a piece
    $270 total
    I recieved in credit so far...
    $100 - credit due to price drop
    $72 - since my phones did not arrive on time, waived activation fee
    $40 - credit in case I had to buy a new SIM card.  I did not have too, the store gave me one free and activated phone
    Total cost to me
    $58 for both phones :)
    Envy me 
    love AT&T
  •  it is only for specific states 
    Nokia Lumia 920 is $49.99 with 2-yr agreement with voice (min $39.99/mo) and min monthly data plan ($20/mo).
    Offer available only in AZ,AK,CA,CO,HI,ID,MT,NV,NM,OR,UT,WA,WY. This offer is only available in AT&T Company-Owned Retail Locations from Friday, 11/23 through Sunday, 11/25
    Subject to Wireless Customer Agrmt. Credit approval req'd. Activ fee $36/line. Geographic, usage and other terms, conditions and restrictions apply, and may result in svc termination. Coverage and scvs not avail everywhere. Taxes and other charges apply.
  • Yep, I just did the online chat help thingy and asked for the credit and they are giving me $50 back.
  • I just did the online chat and got $50 credited to my AT&T account right away. Thanks WPCentral!
  • I think I finally got it, with a rep telling me if the black Friday deal is valid, I will be credited $50.00 on my account by Friday. So I saved the chat and printed it out for evidence and leverage. Anyone else get this response? And do you guys think I'll get the credit now?
  • I got a instant credit on my account, no need to wait until Friday.
  • Did you order online? How did you get an instant credit?
  • I got my $50 credit.. so $49.99 for the 920 + wireless charging makes this the best ever deal i've gotten on such a high end phone. Not to mention they waived my activation fee. I am indeed one happy camper.. lol
  • I lucked out. Called 611, said i heard they were giving early adopters credit. Said he'd check, told me he'd credited the account before even telling me he was done checking. I said thanks and wad on my way.
  • It took me 3 different chats to get it, but I received it as well.
  • Got my $50 credit too! Thanks for the tip.
  • Spoke to two agents via Live Chat but they refused to give me the credit...called up 611 and the lady i spoke to was more than helpful and instantly gave the $50 credit!!yay!!
  • Trying Chat right now myself. I explained I got the sale in my email (Which I did) and it sucks that 14 days (right on the dot) they down the price. We'll see how it goes.
  • So at first I tried the chat. I had recieved the emails from ATT about the promotion and after lamenting my loss, a co-worker sent me the link to this article.
    The chat person told me "I have check the link and the message and it is not from AT&T"
    I replied "the email says "This is an AT&T promotional email. ©*****AT&T Intellectual Property. All rights reserved. AT&T, the AT&T logo and all other AT&T marks contained herein are trademarks of AT&T Intellectual Property and/or affiliated companies. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. AT&T,*****Lenox Park Boulevard, Atlanta, GA 30319 Ref Code: 145213-W1"
    But she insisted the email was not from ATT and I should call in to talk with a support specialist. A short 2 minutes on the call and the nice lady credited me the amount for the two phones I literally purchased last Friday. SOOOOO MAYBE TRY THE PHONE CALL METHOD FIRST. 30 minute chat got me nowhere, 2 minute call got the results.
  • Wooo-hoo persistence is key! Talked to 6 people and finally called 611 and talked with a supervisor. He credited my account $58 which is the tax included. Tell them about the ad and that it appeared on their web site, then mention the fact you paid more for getting it day one. Good luck to everyone!
  • I got nowhere on a chat, called customer service and got nowhere, then called Sales Support.  The guy I talked to there said they hadn't received notification about the deal.  However, he gave me his name and told me he'd call me back at a certain time on Friday and if he'd been notified about the deal, he'd give me the credit (plus some).  If I don't get the call, I'll call them again on Friday, but here's hoping...
  • Thanks for this post and all the previous comments.  I tried chat earlier today but was told to check back on Friday.  Tonight I called 611 and was told that although they had no notification about issuing credits and that they also did NOT have an established policy of issuing price adjustments he did extend the credit as a courtesy.  He repeated this several times that i was being offered the credit for being a long-time loyal customer.  Not sure how but the $50 turned into $62 and some change. I'll take it!  :)
  • My son and I each have a Lumia 920.  After being told over the phone that I could not get a refund, that I would need to return my phone, I tried the chat option this afternoon.
    The chat servcie person "Donna" gave me a $100 credit on my bill.
  • I still haven't received my charging plate. They could have been a bit more creative with that name. Plate just does not sound that awesome.
      Wow!!! This was a good trip! After talking to 2 reps on phone and 4 nice reps on chat, (Tesa, Shannon W, Jessica and Donn) I finally try 3rd phone call to ATT  @ 800-331-0500.  Sorry but 611 was not an option, the reception is bad in my office… :)   I got $53.23 apply to my account.   I was very polite during all the process. Rep on chat and phone were telling me a lot of bull $hit like:   - ATT don’t match a prise that is not official - Go in store - Call Friday - Cannot do it online (chat)...   Until surprise, one nice rep on phone said "we can do it if you purchased the phone online"…YES! Victory!   Thank you for the tip and good luck every boby!
  • I was able to get a $100.74 credit on my account. I tried chats and they didn't work so I called 611. The rep went over the sale price of the phone ($99) and charging plate (free) with me and offered a $50 credit. I asked if there were any upcoming sales for free 920's and she said no but then offered a $100 credit! Very happy with AT&T right now, surprisingly.
  • I can confirm that this DOES work even if you did not buy from the AT&T store. I purchased from Microsoft Store in Salem NH. For those interested, the link below contains a pic I captured of the chat I had with the rep online via my Lumia's browser.!165&authkey=!AANu...
    If there is an confusion over Mr. Soto vs Mr. Sziklassy, this line was opened by my wife before we were married so it still has her last name as soto under the account holder. :)
  • With some patience, this should work for you. Keep in mind that if you are within the 14 day period, I would think there's no way for AT&T to deny you this credit (though, I might think that someoe upgrading within their 2 year contract could have some issue).
    Keep in mind that the manner in which you bought your phone will matter. If you bought online or thru the 800 # for Premier, use that. Don't expect the retail store to handle this. Likewise, you aren't going to get very far on an online chat if you purchased the phone at the store. I tried online chats a few times, and this got me nowhere as I did purchase this in the store.
    So, I went to the store, explained the promo to them, and they agreed to the credit with no hassle. There was one catch for them, however, since the promo doesn't start until Friday. Because the promo hasn't officially kicked off, they can't offer the credit until Friday. Once Friday rolls around, my account will receive the credit. I gave them all of the necessary account information, and they said they will handle this on Friday without me having to return to the store. They even said they will call and confirm the credit. So, this was handled very professionally.
    Most importantly, anyone sitting on the fence about this phone can sit no longer. A 32GB iPhone 5 costs $299. This phone is $49 (oh, and don't forget, you get the charging plate for free!). I had purchased two of these phones on Nov. 9th, so my savings is $500. The hardware is absolutely top notch. The screen looks great, and feels smoother than silk. It's fast, and not only am I not locked into the Apple ecosystem with their Lightning change, this Nokia phone has features that no other WP8 has. Try using the Smart Shoot lens; it's totally amazing. You won't find that function on any Apple or Samsung product, let alone any other phone. There is no comparison between this 32GB phone and any other phone out there, not with this price difference. 
    If you've never had an iPhone and want one, great, go ahead and get it. It's a fine phone. My previous phone was an iPhone 4. Two years later, with the latest iPhone 5 now available to me, I feel the OS is stale. iOS feels the same now as it did 3 or 4 years ago. This phone's call quality on AT&T's 4G LTE is a huge improvement. I can hear calls now. If you thought the iPhone quality is good or great, then you will be impressed when hearing calls on this phone.
  • I got $150 credited back to my account for three phones yesterday. I tried the online chat and was denied and then I called 611 and had no issue getting the credit.
  • Worked for me just fine. No fuss. Just asked him for a 50$ refund and he applied it to my account. Used the Web Chat. 
  • So far no luck for me. The lady in chat told me they could NOT offer the credit in chat, said no one could. Said I needed to go to where ever I bought it and get them to do it. Said if I ordered online then I needed to call internet order support.
  • has anyone purchased in store and gotten their wireless charging pad yet?
  • Not I
  • Called AT&T this morning and asked about this, I told the rep the web address, she pulled the site up and a minute later was told me I would be getting a $50 credit on my next bill so thanks for the heads up.
  • The following adjustment(s) have been applied to your account:
    Date Applied: 11/21/2012
    Credit Amount: $$68.01
    It worked
  • I tried just now and got the credit :)
  • I ordered two 920s online on 11/13.  Yesterday, I called AT&T was advised that I could not get a credit.  Today, I took a second shot at it via chat after logging into MyAT&T.  Success:  2 factors according to the chat rep.  I purchased online and the purchase was within 14 days of the Black Friday Sale.    To get me the credit, the activation fees are waived on my 1st bill and the balance will be a credit on next bill.  FYI, I'm new to AT&T.  Hope this helps others.
  • I finally got 100.00 credit for two 920s that were preordered online on 11/7. It took 4 chat attempts and 3 phone calls. It really does matter who you talk to. The last rep, Ashley, was super nice and helpful. She issued a credit and gave me a confirmation text message within minutes. WHY couldn't it have been that easy on the first attempt??
    So don't give up, 7 attempts seems to be a bit ridiculous but it paid off in the end.
  • Tried to get the rebate and was told it was only for the Black Friday weekend promotion in the Western United States only.  The tech did say that I could return the phone and then repurchase the same one.  Doing it this way they will waive the $35 restock fee.  I have two units, one for me and one for my son, so I'm going to go get my $100.  BTW: Love the phone!
  • Well, it work for me...
    I called att, an told them that I just bought the cell on Thursday an I would like a $50 off discount or do I have to return the cell and repurchased. They told me that no need for that...they did it on the spot, plus I told then if the activation fee($36) could be waive off too, do to the fact that I went thru sandy hurricane ,an I lost my car during the snow storm ,do to a a guy who lost control of his car an crash into 4 cars(mime one of them), so they said" yes", we can wave that too.
    I was very happy about it, an about the charger plate, she was able to get it ship 2 day delivery...for free!!!
    So I guess I got very lucky today... ;-)
  • Hi,
    I hate to do this...but the phone is now 99 cents with the sale ending tomorrow. I'm on the phone with ATT now. She just asked if it would be okay to credit my bill as opposed to a credit card credit.I'm waiting for her to get back on the phone for a confirmation.
  • Here's the link
  • She just confirmed the credit.
  • this is the lumia 900 not the 920
  • And I can't upgrade until July :( damn this sucks lol.
  • cahtting with AT&T now to see if i can get asn upgrade transfered from another line of family plan :)
  • Just finished with online chat, got my credit for $100 (2 phones).
  • Just like to say big ups to this thread, best black friday deal so far !
    So I tried to online chat this last night and they gave me a number to call. I called the number just now and I had asked her about it. I told her i called a store to confirm the price of the lumia 920 for black friday. She asked me exactly how much and i told her 50 dollars. i got the credit plus the tax here(53.62) and i had asked why my bill was high as I just upgraded. They did not tell me that they prorated me for about 1 week(no clue about it and told her) and i had some extra charges. She said dont worry I will fix that. she gave me an extra 30 bucks on top for them not notifing me she said. So all in all i got about 96 dollars back and was very happy. her name was Juliana and the number i called was 1-866-801-3600. 
  • Just like to say big ups to this thread, best black friday deal so far !
    So I tried to online chat this last night and they gave me a number to call. I called the number just now and I had asked her about it. I told her i called a store to confirm the price of the lumia 920 for black friday. She asked me exactly how much and i told her 50 dollars. i got the credit plus the tax here(53.62) and i had asked why my bill was high as I just upgraded. They did not tell me that they prorated me for about 1 week(no clue about it and told her) and i had some extra charges. She said dont worry I will fix that. she gave me an extra 30 bucks on top for them not notifing me she said. So all in all i got about 96 dollars back and was very happy. her name was Juliana and the number i called was 1-866-801-3600. I was on the phone for at least 25 minutes.
  • I online chatted and got the $50 refund, but I wish I hadn't. It's pretty senseless. The representative initially said that there was a policy preventing him/her from extending promotional pricing to purchases made outside of the promotion. I said that was silly since I was still in the return window and could simply return the phone and repurchase it, and also that it's understandable that people who stood in line for the launch would feel burned by the price being cut in half a couple weeks later. The rep stood his/her ground, saying that based on policy there was nothing he/she could do (which is perfectly likely, frankly), so I asked to be transferred to someone who could do something -- that I'd like to know why that policy was being applied to me, but not to all AT&T customers (it was clear that the rep knew that lots of people had already received a refund). So the rep said I would be transferred to a manager, but instead a couple minutes later returned and said he/she had been authorized to give me the discount. But I've felt crappy about it ever since. Like, why am I making this poor employee's job suck when AT&T didn't do anything wrong? So they put something on a Black Friday sale that wasn't on the same sale before. How is that any different than any other product in America? The same weekend that I got my phone I bought a couple pairs of jeans from Express. And now Express is currently running a 50% off sale on everything in the store for Black Friday. Am I on the phone bitching at Express for ripping me off two weeks ago? No . . . that would be silly. Just like it's silly what I did to AT&T. They offerred me the Nokia 920 for $100 and threw in a charging plate. I obviously thought that was a fair price (and let's be honest, based on the specs we all know that it's a phenomenal price). So what's my beef? That someone else is going to get an even better price two weeks later? I mean, boo hoo. What does that have to do with me. I was very happy with the price I received on my phone. Why should that be affected in any way by any subsequent price changes? Why should the fact that someone else is even happier with their price affect my own happiness. It's stupid. And I realize that I'm just one of those assholes who make the world a less pleasant place to live. So I got my $50. Yay. It cost me more than that, though. If I could I'd send the $50 directly to the rep that helped me as an apology.
  • Tried this morning through chat. At first the lady did not want to give me the credit. I linked her to this article, and still nothing. Then I said "ok can you please recheck with your supervisor, please? if you guys can't give me the credit what I'll do is go return the phone, and purchase a new one today taking advantage of the new pricing" and she came back 3 minutes later saying she was going to apply a credit because I was a "valued longtime customer". Got my credit of $49.15. I am happy. 
  • I am getting mine right now for $50. I walked in the store and they are honoring it.
  • Am I missing something? No where is Att advertising this. Is this just a rumor?
  • AT&T is NOT offering the Lumia for $49 at its retail locations on Black Friday.  This rumor is categorically false.  
  • I went to my store of purchase today and the L920 was priced at $49. I asked for a credit in lieu of return and repurchase. He checked with the manager and said OK. Much better than my online and phone experience. The only bad news is that the guy said not many people are buying WP.
  • This is false.  There is no $50 sale of the Lumia 920 and thereofre the $50 credit for those who bought one early is false. AT&T stores are NOT offering the Lumia 920 for $50 on Black Friday weekend.