Battle Royale games put numerous players (we're talking usually 100 or more) against one another in an arena, which is usually an island of some sort. Players are tasked with locating weapons and other useful items in buildings and special locations, praying to the Gods of Random Number Generation (RNG) because everything is randomly spawned. After that, they need to keep track of the arena circle, which slowly closes in with each passing round.

As the game plays on, the circle collapses to force players to move closer to one another, increasing the chances of gunfights taking place. This is the main feature that helps create tense moments. Those who kill everyone in their way are crowned champions. It's also possible to team up with a friend or friend to take on other groups.

These are our picks for the best PC battle royale games

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds


Aside from the strange name, which is sticking around, PUBG is a really good Battle Royale game. It's currently considered by many within the community to be the best game in the genre. Thing is, it's also not that old. Launched in 2017 in Early Access, this game is being developed by Bluehole in South Korea and is having updates regularly released to introduce fixes and new features.

From the game's official description:

PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS is a last-man-standing shooter being developed with community feedback. Starting with nothing, players must fight to locate weapons and supplies in a battle to be the lone survivor. This realistic, high tension game is set on a massive 8x8 km island with a level of detail that showcases Unreal Engine 4's capabilities.

The idea of PUBG actually originated as a mod for ARMA (PlayerUnknown's Battle Royale) but has turned into a game that amassed an insane amount of players at any one time. PUBG has smashed all records on Steam for concurrent players and sold in excess of 12 million copies to this point. Powered by the Unreal 4 game engine, PUBG boasts some strong visuals and gameplay elements. Combat is fast-paced, and the end-game can create some incredibly memorable moments that last with an individual, duo or squad for many months. You also get a chicken dinner for winning! It costs $29.99.

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H1Z1: King of the Kill

King of the Kill

H1Z1 has a slightly more arcade feel to it, but that doesn't mean it's a bad battle royale. In fact, it's incredibly fun when you have a squad and have no other goal than to cause havoc in the early game. Parachute in, grab the nearest weapon and start unloading rounds into enemies. Each game is overall faster paced than that of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG), but hit registrations can be a real pain in the rear end at times, and the map of PUBG is more appealing.

From the game's official description:

H1Z1: King of the Kill is a large-scale, fight-to-the-death shooter where every moment counts. Drop into the high-intensity, arena-style grudge match and activate your inner beast mode. Gear up fast, throw together a game plan, and we'll see if you have what it takes to be the last man standing. Rack up a kill streak or just add to the chaos – this is a spectacle, and only one can be King of the Kill.

Should you wish to get right into the action with almost 200 people in each playthrough, look no further than H1Z1: KOTK. Those of you who enjoy base building and surviving against not only players but zombies and other elements may want to check out the sister game to KOTK, H1Z1: Just Survive. King of the Kill costs $18.99.

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Rust is a survival, crafting, and base-destroying title by Facepunch Studios. Rust: Battle Royale is an unofficial gametype you can find on a handful of servers. The rules are similar to other titles we've covered in this list, including the fact you are only handed a single life. Loot is spawned in buildings and other locations, which you must acquire as you only start with a single torch, bandage, and map.

From the game's official description:

You spawn on the edge of the initial playable area with a torch, bandage and map at sunrise. Find loot as you make your way to the center of the map. There is no hunger, thirst or cold. There are no resources to gather and you can't craft. Radiation outside the playable area deals damage. Cluster bombs deal explosive and fire damage.

It's a neat concept that allows one to have a break from the base game. It costs $17.99.

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Wait. Seriously, wait! While you may not be a fan of the block building game, Minecraft actually has an unofficial Battle Royale/Hunger Games mode, which is a bag of fun. It's a similar concept, in which a number of players are spawned in to find loot, gear up and take down enemies. Better yet, since this is Minecraft you're bound to find active servers with a large number of people online.

It's a simple, more basic form of battle royale, restricted by Minecraft's mechanics, but what map builders and modders have been able to achieve is impressive. It's also much more accessible to PC owners who may not own powerful enough rigs to take on the larger, more advanced (and more demanding) games. It costs $26.99.

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Fortnite Battle Royale

Epic Games makes the Unreal Engine that the immensely popular PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds uses. It also makes Fortnite, a game which is not about killing everyone else inside an ever-shrinking circle.

But let's face it: Battle Royale is the thing right now. And Fortnite, though technically an Early Access game of its own, has now added a free Battle Royale mode to its package. It's faced criticism for being a little too much like PUBG, but that aside, it's actually a lot of fun.

The premise is familiar: You spawn on a little island before being dropped by parachute onto a bigger island. In this case, you board the Battle Bus, and your parachute is a glider or an umbrella. A contraption that allows you to float, basically, but isn't a parachute. From here you loot weapons and resources, kill your opponents and do everything you can to be last man standing.

The unique aspect to Fortnite is its building. You have the ability to construct quite wonderful structures to help give yourself the edge, or to shield you from an oncoming attack. However you play it, Fortnite BR is worth checking out. Right now the game is about $50, but in 2018 it's supposed to be going free-to-play. Battle Royale is a free add-on.

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Grand Theft Auto V: Motor Wars

Delivered to GTA V Online as part of the recent Smuggler's Run update, Motor Wars is essentially Rockstar's first attempt at a Battle Royale mode in its games. And let's face it, the map in GTA V ($30) is so massive it's absolutely perfect for it.

You still drop in from the sky, and you still have an ever decreasing battlefield to command and take out your opponents. But there's a heavy focus on vehicular combat, hence the name.

Future Rockstar games will no doubt expand on the idea, but for now, it's a free update to one of the biggest, baddest games to hit the PC in recent years. You know it'll be good.

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Coming soon: Islands of Nyne

Islands of Nyne is an interesting upcoming game that's currently in development with Alpha access to a select few (but we've included it as a worthy mention). Much like PUBG, this entry is also powered by Unreal Engine 4, and offers some of the best visuals available in any Battle Royale game. From what we've seen thus far with this game, it's promising indeed.

From the game's official description:

Combining modern FPS action with the scavenging mechanics of popular survival games, Islands of Nyne: Battle Royale will put your wit and grit to the test in an ultimate challenge of gladiatorial might. Drop into massive arenas and fight it out among ninety-nine other bloodthirsty participants to come out on top. The Nyne will only accept one victor.

What's interesting is how the developer has crafted the lobby, allowing players to try each weapon out by killing others and unlocking more powerful items ahead of loading into a match. There's also VR support planned, which could make things real interesting. Unfortunately, for the time being you'll need to get your hands on an Alpha key if you wish to participate in the current development phase.

Visit the Islands of Nyne website

Your favorites?

We're sure you have a favorite when it comes to battle royale gaming. Are you a follower of PUBG or are you holding out for Daybreak Games to roll out updates for King of the Kill? Sound off with your favorite games in the comments!

Updated December 22, 2017: We updated the guide to offer only the best Battle Royale games available on PC.