Best Non-Violent Xbox One Games

The Xbox One library is bursting with first-person shooters and combat-rich role-playing games, but sometimes it's fun to put down the firearms and swords and have a good time without killing people. After all, non-violent games can be just as enjoyable as their bloody, mature counterparts. Here's our list of the best of them.



★ Author's choice

Abzu is a calm, mellow, and peaceful game about exploring the depths of the oceans and observing the beautiful aquatic species of our world. Aside from a brief stint with a shark near the start of the game, the entire experience is completely non-violent, allowing the player to freely wander the amazing underwater world.

Every game mentioned on this list is excellent, but my personal favorite is Abzu because of how relaxing and beautiful it is. Players who like working together with others will love Overcooked! 2, and if you want something on the challenging side, Surviving Mars is a must-play.

James Falconer