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I'm a fan of game streaming tech, most notably Microsoft's Xbox Game Pass Cloud Streaming service, otherwise known as Project xCloud. That said, I find phone screens to be too small to enjoy it properly. Most games are designed for TVs, and have user interfaces scaled for that purpose. This is why I tend to prefer tablets instead, and my current tablet of choice is the cheap and cheerful 8-inch Samsung Galaxy A8 tablet, which is now on sale for Amazon Prime Day in the UK, and and the United States.

Best for xCloud

Samsung Galaxy Tab A

Budget-friendly Android tablet

This cheap Android tablet is a steal on Amazon Prime Day, and it's ideal for Xbox game streaming tech.

The Samsung Galaxy A8 tablet is comparable in size to an iPad Mini, running Android and Samsung's Galaxy OneUI software. You can always stick the Microsoft Launcher on it instead if you prefer something less convoluted, and getting Project xCloud Xbox Cloud Streaming onto the tablet is as easy as downloading the Xbox Game Pass app.

It might not be one of the best Android tablets out there, but it might be one of the best tablets for Xbox Game Pass Cloud Gaming, owing to its small size, and low, low price. The Galaxy A8 tablet's performance won't blow you away by any means, but for Project xCloud it works well, since it's just a video feed and some Bluetooth connectivity. The display is only 720p, though, which won't future-proof it when Project xCloud does eventually get that resolution bump in the future.

Right now it's enjoying a very decent 30 percent price cut on the Amazon UK store, down to £99, and a similar price cut in the U.S. down to $99. This tablet is a steal for Project xCloud, and well-worth buying.

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