Time to outfit yourself with everything you need to be a real gamer. If you're in Canada, you can save big on some great accessories at the Microsoft store. The sale includes up to 30% off HyperX gaming headsets plus some other discounts on things like the Razer Wolverine controller. You can get the Kingston HyperX Cloud II gaming headset for just CAD $89.99 instead of its usual price of CAD $130. The sale ends September 1, which is right around the corner so act fast.

Kingston Hyperx Cloud Ii

HyperX headphones and other accessories | 30% off

Listen to the savings and get big discounts on several versions of the HyperX Cloud gaming headsets, including the Cloud II, CloudX Stinger, and more. There are also some third-party controllers on sale like the Razer Wolverine.

So the Cloud II is a great headset. It uses USB audio sound and can do virtual 7.1 surround sound. The idea isn't to give you true surround sound but to give you fantastic positional audio while playing games. You'll always know where the noises are coming from, like when someone's coming around a corner or you're trying to sneak up on a guard by surprise in the latest roleplaying game. Of course, you know, you've still got to have the mechanics to aim and stuff but we can't help with that.

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The Cloud II also has superb sound quality thanks to the 53mm neodymium magnet drivers. Thanks to the microphone you'll have a crystal clear voice every time you talk to your team because the mic has noise and echo cancelling.

The headset works with PC, Mac, Xbox, PlayStation, mobile devices, and more. Whatever you use, you can do a lot with the Cloud II.

Don't forget that's not the only headset on sale. Check out the Cloud Stinger or the other accessories discounted right now. This deal is only good in Canada and ends Sept. 1.

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