Charge your phone or your car with 36% off these emergency jump starters

Gooloo Powerbank
Gooloo Powerbank (Image credit: Amazon)

You don't ever want to be in an emergency situation, but you definitely don't want to be in one without the proper tools for recovery! Just like you wouldn't want to get a flat without a spare, you don't want your car to die without a jump starter. And in either case, you wouldn't want to be stranded with a dead phone! Today one of Amazon's Epic Daily Deals sales has you covered with a good selection of Gooloo emergency jump starters that double as battery packs for mobile devices. The prices vary from as little as $34.99 to as much as $98.96, but they are all discounted from their regular street prices. This is a one-day deal, though, so don't expect to see these discounts tomorrow.

One of the best options in this sale is the Gooloo 4000A Peak SuperSafe car jump starter. It's down to $98.96 today, and it is usually selling for around $170. Even when it does go on sale it only drops to around $130. Today's price is an all-new low and the best we've ever seen.

With its 4000A Peak current it can be used on all gas or 10.0L diesel vehicles. That includes your cars, motorcycles, and even lawn mowers or ATVs. It's a durable and reliable jump starter made with all-metal clamps, and it has eight built-in protections to keep it, your car, and you all safe. j

The jump starter also has a USB-C port and dual USB-A charge ports, where one is equipped with Quick Charge technology. Juice up your smartphone, tablet, camera, or whatever else you might need in whatever situation you find yourself in.

That's the most advanced jump starter on sale today, but there are others you can choose from based on your budget and your need. Check out the full sale and save while you can!

John Levite
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