Cooling fans are a crucial accessory every hardcore PC gamer should own, as their powerful ability to blast air can significantly help to cool down a processor or a graphics card that's running hot. CORSAIR's LL120 RGB fans are great options, and this Cyber Monday weekend, packs of three of them are discounted for $40 off. Don't miss this great deal!

Let the air flow

CORSAIR LL120 RGB Cooling Fan Triple Pack

Cool it off

This pack of three of CORSAIR's LL120 RGB fans are effective and look awesome, and they're on sale for a great price.

$40 off for Cyber Monday

As far as cooling fans go, CORSAIR's LL120 RGB fans are awesome. Each one of them is an effective 120mm large, and when you've got all three of the ones in this pack running, they will cool your PC down very effectively. CORSAIR also includes mounting strips in the box, too, allowing you to place the fans where you specifically need them to be inside your PC case. They also look cool too thanks to the RGB lighting, which you can customize using CORSAIR's free iCUE software.

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These awesome cooling fans are just one of the many deals we've found for the Cyber Monday weekend. If you're looking for other products as well, have a look at our comprehensive Cyber Monday deals round-up.

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