Diablo 4 full interactive map: All dungeons, side quests, cellars, and more

Diablo IV Interactive Map
(Image credit: Blizzard | FextraLife)

Diablo IV is a huge action RPG from Blizzard, known for mega franchises like World of Warcraft and StarCraft. The fourth installment of the legendary series is finally here, and data miners have been hard at work uncovering the game's map, which is suitably expansive. 

Diablo IV is something of a "soft" MMO, complete with a seamless open world full of dungeons, inlets, and side quests, atop a massive and deep storyline spanning hours upon hours of potential gameplay. It's easy to get totally lost in this expansive game without a guide, which is why the good folk over at FextraLife are here to help out. 

Diablo 4 Interactive Map

(Image credit: FextraLife | Blizzard)

FextraLife's massive interactive map for Diablo IV linked above gives you a huge overview of everything currently known in the game. Similar to other interactive maps the team has set up, over time, this full Diablo IV atlas will populate with data from the team's researchers. It will showcase all the towns, Lilith statues needed for renown upgrades, cellars, dungeons, side quests, and much more — and will populate with even more data as the game expands via DLC and expansions in the future. The map even details the locations of world bosses, strongholds, and other features, to help you cover everything available so far. 

As of writing, the Diablo IV interactive map is populated with data primarily found in the game's Diablo IV open beta, which took place at the end of March 2023. As we head towards the game's full launch in June, expect the map to be updated with increasing frequency as the game's client gets data mined, and as the early access period opens up. 

Those who preorder Diablo IV can get a few days of early access ahead of the game's full June 6, 2023 launch date, alongside some other goodies. Even from the glimpses we've seen in beta, it's quite clear that Diablo 4 is practically destined to be in the running for best Xbox game and best PC game lists of 2023. 


Diablo 4

Pre-order Diablo 4 to grab a few days of early access, beat the curve, and survive the hellscapes of Sanctuary and beyond. Daughter of Hatred, Lilith, has dark designs for the mortal realm, and the only thing standing between her and domination is you — and a few friends in local and online co-op, of course.

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