Diablo 4: How to get and use Murmuring Obols with the Purveyor of Curiosities

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Do you hear the whispers? It's your Murmuring Obols, begging to be spent. 

In Diablo 4, you'll occasionally find yourself in possession of a limited secondary currency called Murmuring Obols. If that's all Greek to you, don't worry, I'm here to help. Let's go over how you earn them, how you can carry more, where to spend them, and what to spend them on.

How to earn Murmuring Obols in Diablo 4

From time to time, as you're wandering the open world of Diablo 4, you'll see an orange ring around a portion of the map. This signals an upcoming or ongoing event. Taking part in an event will net you some rewards, including gold, loot, and some Murmuring Obols. 

Initially, your Murmuring Obols will be capped at 500. Over time, this limit can be increased by getting regional rewards. At certain tiers, you'll unlock a capacity increase for all of your characters on a particular realm, meaning it's well worth undergoing. 

Where to spend Murmuring Obols with the Purveyor of Curiosities

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Murmuring Obols need to be spent at the Purveyor of Curiosities. This particular vendor is marked on your map with a bag that has a question mark on it and a couple of coins beside it. They're pretty rare and are only located in a couple of large cities, but you can find one as early as Kyovashad.

Given the aforementioned cap on how many Murmuring Obols you can carry, it's a very good idea to make semi-regular trips to the Purveyor of Curiosities, as you don't want to max out your inventory space and suddenly be unable to reap the rewards of taking part in different events. 

The Purveyor of Curiosities sells a variety of gear with randomized stats, but the most important thing that you'll want to buy is actually Whispering Keys. These are the only way to unlock Silent Chests, and best of all, they don't take up any space in your inventory, so buy as many as you can and you'll be set!

Grow in power

Diablo 4 is here, and from critical praise and the early commercial success, it's clear this is one of the best games of the year, regardless of your familiarity with the storied franchise. 

In our review of Diablo 4, managing editor Jez Corden wrote that "But even without monetization, even without the endgame, Diablo 4 is a landmark action RPG experience from start to finish — with a story that will impact you, characters you will adore, and gameplay that will relentlessly gratify. Truly, Diablo 4 is yet another Blizzard masterpiece, and its story is just beginning."


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