If you're getting a Nintendo Switch OLED for the holidays make sure it's this bundle that provides $68 of free stuff — including a popular multiplayer game

Nintendo Switch has been insanely popular over the last few years, but each holiday season the only real deals for this system have been an original Nintendo Switch bundled with Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and an NSO membership. But now, the first ever Nintendo Switch OLED bundle from Nintendo is here and it gives you the popular Super Smash Bros. Ultimate game along with a three-month Nintendo Switch Online membership all for free. Oh, and that Switch OLED has a much better screen than an original Switch. In all, that's about $68 in free stuff

So, if you're already planning on grabbing a Nintendo Switch OLED this holiday season, make sure it's this bundle, which costs the same as the handheld on its own but gives you a much better deal. 

Nintendo Switch OLED: Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Bundle —

Nintendo Switch OLED: Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Bundle — $349.00 at Walmart ($68 worth of freebies)

This special themed Nintendo Switch OLED comes with a free digital code for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate as well as a free three-month membership to Nintendo Switch Online — the service that allows you to play online and gives you access to a library of NES and SNES classic games. It's a fantastic buy for any Smash fans. 

✅Perfect for: Nintendo fans who want a better quality screen than on the original Switch. This bundle is also great for people who love competitive multiplayer games. 

❌Avoid it if: You don't particularly like Super Smash Bros.

👀 Alternative deal: $349.00 at Amazon

💰 Price check: $349.99 at Best Buy

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Why the Nintendo Switch OLED: Super Smash Bros. Ultimate bundle is such a big deal

This is the first time this Nintendo Switch OLED: Super Smash Bros. Ultimate bundle has been made available.  (Image credit: Windows Central)

For the last few years, I've been covering the Nintendo Switch and its various services and accessories. This means that in that time, I've kept an eye out for the best Nintendo Switch Cyber Monday deals each holiday season. The truth is, there are very few Switch deals and the ones that do exist are very few and far between. 

As you can see in my Nintendo Switch OLED vs Nintendo Switch comparison (at iMore), even though this newer version with a gorgeous OLED screen and improved kickstand over the original Nintendo Switch came out two years ago, we haven't seen any Switch OLED holiday bundle deals until now. So this makes the Nintendo Switch OLED: Super Smash Bros. Ultimate bundle a big deal. This bundle actually leaked a little while ago, but it took a lot longer than expected for it to show up at retailers.  

As the name implies, the purchase gives you a special edition Nintendo Switch OLED (complete with detachable controllers and a TV dock) but it has themed imagery on it from the Smash Bros. beat 'em up game. With the console, buyers also get the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate game (valued at $60) and a three-month Nintendo Switch Online (NSO) membership (valued at $8) for free. 

For those who might not know, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is an insanely popular multiplayer and one that I put on our list of the best Nintendo Switch games (when I worked at our sister site, iMore). Meanwhile, the NSO membership makes it so you can play against other people online and gives you access to a library of classing NES and SNES titles. In total, you're getting around $68 worth of free extras when you purchase this limited-edition Switch OLED. 

It's the perfect gift for any Nintendo fans in your life who love playing against others. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate allows players to battle against each other while they play as iconic characters from various game franchises. The really cool thing is that this is a couch co-op game, and up to eight people can play on one device as long as you have enough controllers to go around. As you can imagine, this makes it a fantastic party game for friends and family alike. 

Pair your Nintendo Switch OLED with the best accessories

Nintendo Switch Joycon:

Nintendo Switch Joycon: $79.99 at Best Buy

In order to play with others, you're going to need enough controllers to go around. Joycon are Switch gamepads that slide on and off of the Switch. The two devices can be used as one controller or can be turned sideways to act as separate controllers. This means that one purchase gives you two controllers, which puts you well on your way for couch co-op multiplayer. They come in plenty of different color options to choose from. 

Nintendo Switch Pro Controller: $69.99 at Best Buy

Nintendo Switch Pro Controller: $69.99 at Best Buy

Many competitive players swear that this wireless gamepad is the best controller for Nintendo Switch. It features gyro for motion controls, vibrating motors to respond to in-game events, and ergonomic grips for a comfortable hold. Plus, the buttons all press in nicely and feel great to use. 

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