Get ready to jump into the next generation of modding, as Starfield's Creation Kit is dropping with mods already out!

Starfield screenshot of new armor
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Starfield launched last September, reaching over 13 million players in less than four months. Pegged as the next great RPG from the legendary studio behind Elder Scrolls and Fallout, Starfield has found its own niche market of players, especially after the 60 FPS update last month. With Shattered Space coming later this fall, the Creation Kit is here to start giving players more content by the players themselves!

What is the Creation Kit?

Big boom! (Image credit: Bethesda)

The Creation Kit, a powerful toolset that Bethesda releases post-game launch, has revolutionized the gaming landscape. It has empowered modders to create a plethora of content, ranging from basic weapons and armor kits to entirely new player-generated DLC. This tool has been instrumental in the success of Bethesda games, with five of the top eight most modded games being Bethesda titles. It's a testament to the gaming community's creativity and the unlimited appeal of player-generated content.

It's also why we've created so many mod lists of our own here at Windows Central, as well as myself. To many, modding is what makes Bethesda games the fantastical creations they are. It's not only the gold standard of modding, but the reason you can Bing "Skyrim 2024" and see a game that looks entirely different than if you searched "Skyrim 2023". It keeps single-player games alive while even turning some of them into multiplayer experiences.

Needless to say, Creation Kit is the reason so many people in this world have fallen in love with Bethesda titles. It's the reason I'm always so eager to sit through the process of downloading over 300 mods and wadding my way through each and every one in an attempt to squash overwriting and game-breaking conflicts between them. It's the reason sites like Nexus exist and why tools such as Vortex, Wabbajack, and Mod Organizer were created.

The launch of the Creation Kit is the single most important piece of software that will ever be made for Starfield. Make no mistake, that's not hyperbole; it's truth. 6,500,000,000 mods for Skyrim on the Nexus site alone have been downloaded because of this tool's existence.

Hold onto your seats, and get ready to hyperjump into the next generation of modding.

What else is available today?

Everything coming looks great! (Image credit: Bethesda)

Today, new gear, locations, armor, weapons, and more are coming! Pre-made Creation Kit items have already been put together by mod creators and placed on the Starfield store. More details coming as we get our hands on them!

The Vulture appears to be a weapon, and an awesome one at that.

When are mods coming to Xbox?

It seems the premade mods will be available this evening alongside the update! Get ready to jump in with new custom-made content. It does look like they'll be following the price model previously seen in Skyrim and Fallout 4. Creation mod authors will be granted the majority of the money, however.

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