New Monster Hunter Wilds monster sighted along with confirmed cross-play during Summer Game Fest 2024

Monster Hunter Wilds Summer Game Fest trailer creenshot
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What you need to know

  • A new trailer for Capcom's next big entry in the Monster Hunter series, Monster Hunter Wilds, has been revealed during Summer Games Fest 2024.
  • This trailer showcases two brand-new monsters that players will be tasked to hunt in the game's story.
  • Monster Hunter Wilds is scheduled to launch sometime in 2025 for Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 5, and PC via Steam.

During the opening streaming program for Summer Game Fest 2024, Capcom appeared to release a new trailer for Monster Hunter Wilds the next, highly-anticipated entry in the Monster Hunter franchise.

In this trailer, we get to see more action-hunting gameplay and two new monsters players will face during the game's story. In addition, it's been confirmed via Capcom's Instagram and Twitter/X account that Monster Hunter Wilds will feature cross-play support between all platforms.

The trailer begins with a showcase of two hunters being chased by a pack of Balahara, new Leviathan-type monsters that look like a sandworm inspired by the Dune franchise. These horrifying beasts can swim through deserts as if they were swimming through water and create quicksand pits to trap their prey and devour them.

What could this electrifying and disturbing Flying Wyvern be? (Image credit: Capcom)

Later on in the trailer, we catch a glimpse of a mysterious new Flying Wyvern-type monster that appears to have no face and has the ability to fire lightning bolts from its gigantic horns. 

All throughout the trailer, the Hunter player character shows no fear and charges into the fray to defend their comrades from these beasts by wielding a massive Greatsword and Heavy Bowgun.

At long last, cross-play will finally come to Monster Hunter!

Watch where you step, there could be a Balahara lying in wait to swallow you whole. (Image credit: Capcom)
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As you can see, we have some quite frightening monsters to deal with. What's more scary this is just only a small taste of what's come as no doubt there will be plenty of new beasties to face among Monster Hunter Wild's list of monsters

Personally I can't wait to hunt them all with my friends when this eagerly-awaited follow-up to Monster Hunter World, one of the best Xbox games and best PC games in the series, releases in 2025 for consoles and PC. Especially now that cross-play will be implemented into Monster Hunter Wilds, a feature fans have been requesting ever since Monster Hunter World.

If you want to know more about this upcoming Xbox title and upcoming PC game, check out our Monster Hunter Wilds FAQ to learn about the game's gameplay, story, monsters, and more.

Monster Hunter Wilds is set to launch sometime in 2025 on Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 5, and PC via Steam.

Monster Hunter Wilds

Monster Hunter Wilds

Lead a hunting expedition into the Forbidden Lands to uncover undiscovered locales and slay horrifying monsters solo or in 4-player online co-op in the highly anticipated, Monster Hunter Wilds.

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