One of the best SD Cards for Steam Deck is on sale on Amazon for a 32% discount

With the Steam Deck's library of compatible games becoming larger every day, the demand for microSD cards to increase its storage space is bigger than ever. Fortunately, Samsung's EVO Plus microSD, one of the best SD cards for the Steam Deck, is currently on sale for a sweet 32% discount on Amazon, reducing its MSRP down from $18.99 to $12.99.

SAMSUNG EVO Select microSD Card (128GB) | Was $18.99 now $12.99 at Amazon

SAMSUNG EVO Select microSD Card (128GB) | Was $18.99 now $12.99 at Amazon

Add more storage space to your favorite portable devices with the SAMSUNG EVO Select microSD Card, complete with a 10-year warranty and 130MB/s transfer speeds.

Perfect for: people looking for a budget-priced SD card with high-transfer speeds and lots of data storage space for their gaming handhelds and mobile devices.

Avoid it if: you're looking for SC cards with larger storage capacities.

💰Price check$12.99 at Samsung

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Add more space to install more games for your Steam Deck

The Samsung EVO Select microSD card (128GB) is one of the most reliable internal data storage cards for Steam Deck (Image credit: Ben Wilson | Windows Central)

Samsung has garnered a positive reputation over the years for producing some of the best SD cards on the market, and the Samsung EVO Select microSD card (128GB) is no exception. It is a handy little card that can hold up to 128GB of data and comes packed with a full-size SD card adapter, allowing you to transfer files from your Steam Deck and other portable devices to your main PC.

Other positive qualities include a high transfer speed of 130MB/s, U3 Compatibility to handle recording videos at 4K UHD quality, an A2 Performance ranking, V30 Video Speed to ensure smooth video recordings without any buffering or dropouts occurring, and a 10-year Warranty to get your money back if someone goes wrong.

While there are other microSD cards out there with larger storage capacities, this device has them beat in terms of value, as its MSRP of $18.99 is reasonably priced compared to the competition. And that price has gotten even more affordable thanks to Amazon's Big Spring Sale, as it has been reduced to $12.99 thanks to a 32% discount.

So, if you're looking for one of the best microSD cards for your Steam Deck and you can install more of the best PC games to take with you on the go, then don't miss out on this Amazon Spring Sale deal.

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