One of the craziest looking coop games just got announced at Summer Game Fest!

Cuffbust screenshot of chaos!
(Image credit: Two Star Games)

What you need to know

  • Gavin Eisenbeigz, creator of Choo-Choo Charles, just announced his next solo porject
  • Cuffbust, a 20-player cooperative experience where you and everyone else is working together to escape prison!
  • Coming in 2025, exclusively to Steam. Wishlist today!

Get ready to drop the soap in this multiplayer madhouse, Cuffbust. Made by the solo developer behind Choo-Choo Charles, Gavin Eisenbeigz, Cuffbust is a furious dash to escape either by yourself or with the help of 20 friends. 

Unveiled at the Summer Game Fest, Cuffbust promises to be a blast for you and your gaming buddies. Picture a game that's a cross between the strategic Escapists led by the flighty Mogwai from Gremlins. You'll find yourself tunneling, exploding toilets, and even hurling soap at unsuspecting guards, all in a bid to break free from the clutches of society. This game is a must-try, and I can't wait to dive in!

Coming 2025, too far away, man! (Image credit: Two Star Games)

I love maddening coop games; they've been the bread and butter of my friend's group these last few years. Some of our favorites have included strategy gems like For the King 2, but also more chaotic gems like Helldivers 2. This looks to fit the bill, too!

I'm already intrigued by the potential of Cuffbust. Will the game adapt to the number of players, or will an entire team of 20 create an unstoppable force of Gremlins? I'm also eager to start personalizing my character with unique skins. I can't wait to see what the game has to offer.

Battle pass?! Just kidding, that would be an absolutely horrible idea, but I do hope there's a plethora of reasons to continue playing. I'd hate for it to be a one-and-done experience that's fun for a couple of hours, only to fall off once you've seen everything. Cuffbust looks like it could be a major hit that could even top Steam charts if timed well against other releases coming this Fall.

Speaking of, Cuffbust will launch exclusively on Steam sometime in 2025. Well, maybe it will! We'll see, as even the developer jokes about the release date at the end of the trailer. Go get your Wishlist today!

Michael Hoglund

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