Want 512GB of extra space for your Steam Deck for only $40? Better be quick!

Samsung EVO Select microSD card on a Steam Deck
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Valve's Steam Deck answers almost all your portable PC gaming desires, but it can't help you clear your Steam backlog. In fact, even if you spring for the high-end 512GB model, you'll eventually run out of space unless you pick up some external storage. Luckily, my top recommendation of the best SD card for Steam Deck is on sale, with the 512GB EVO Select model enjoying a $15 discount directly from Samsung.

Not everyone has an issue with hoarding game installs, so you might prefer to stick with the more modestly-sized options, which are all reduced with similarly attractive discounts. Adding an extra 64GB, 128GB, 256GB, or the full-sized 512GB card to your model also doubles as a secondary boot drive for installing Windows on Steam Deck, unlocking a whole new world of opportunities for playing games via PC Game Pass.

Samsung EVO Select 512GB | $54.99 $39.99 at Samsung

Samsung EVO Select 512GB | $54.99 $39.99 at Samsung

The Samsung EVO range of SD cards offers up to double storage space for your Steam Deck at a considerable discount, and they're perfect for Valve's portable PC gaming handheld.

Even if you're not particularly savvy with technology, the Steam Deck offers a more approachable avenue to PC gaming by cutting out most of the usual tweaks and troubleshooting. That's not to say you can't tinker with the handheld; it's quite the contrary. Its Linux-based SteamOS allows you to do practically anything you like. Our managing editor Jez Corden is having the time of his life using the console as an answer to his long-awaited Xbox handheld via Windows 11 on Steam Deck.

Using an SD card with your Steam Deck allows you to install extra games and apps or go ham with bigger projects as you explore the world of Linux apps and alternative operating systems. I already own two Samsung EVO Select cards, one to boot into Windows 11 and the other to store my embarrassing collection of unfinished games and Steam sale purchases, but that one's private. Don't miss out!

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