Store all your Xbox games with this ultra-cheap game drive for Amazon Prime Day

If you've found yourself running low on internal space with your Xbox Series X|S console and you're still playing lots of backward-compatible games, pay attention because this Amazon Prime Day deal is for you. 

Seagate Game Drive: was

Seagate Game Drive: was $109 now $69 at Amazon

If you need more space for backward-compatible games on your Xbox Series X|S console, grab the Seagate Game Drive! It's $30 off for Amazon Prime Day, so you can keep all the older titles off your console's internal drive, saving critical space for new games.

Price check: $92 Best Buy | $79 Walmart

Pros: Cheap, small, 2TB space means plenty of storage for older games.

Cons: Won't run current-gen games; older games may have longer load times than if they were installed on an SSD.

By grabbing an external hard drive such as the Seagate Game Drive while it's $30 off, you'll have something you can use to connect to your console while storing and playing those Xbox One, Xbox 360, or even Original Xbox games. Now, you might be asking, "Wouldn't my game load faster on an SSD?" 

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It's a valid question, and you're correct, but it all comes down to balancing the best use of your console's limited space. Yes, older games that don't require the ultra-fast SSD of the Xbox Series X|S will still load faster when installed there, but new current-generation games, such as the upcoming Starfield, require that space. 

Older games are often "capped" at a certain load speed, meaning they can't take full advantage of the latest technology in the Xbox Series X|S internal SSD. There are exceptions (I personally keep Prey installed on my SSD because it turns load times to nothing), but by and large, you're better off having a large hard drive to dump your older games on.

Now, this is far less of an issue if you decide to expand your ultra-fast SSD storage with something like the Seagate Expansion Card for $130, giving you another terabyte of space for current-generation games and older titles alike. If you're willing to spend more money, this is by far the better long-term investment.

Why we like this deal

Storage space is crucial, and that's only going to be more true with more big games on the way. At just $69, you're basically paying $35 per terabyte of hard drive space. It generally doesn't get better than that. Save money on this hard drive and move over all your older Xbox games, freeing the internal space for the new games.

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