Don't wait for Black Friday: These are the best Meta Quest deals for Prime Day picked by our resident VR fanatic

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Oculus Quest for Amazon Prime Big Deal Days

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I love PCs, laptops, and reminiscing about Windows Phone, but before I joined Windows Central, I was a VR head. Dating back to the Samsung Gear VR, I immersed myself in games, virtual desktops, and more through various headsets.

I followed the growth of consumer VR from Gear VR to Oculus Go to Oculus Quest. I reviewed the original Oculus Quest and helped cover the launch of the follow-up Quest 2 for our buddies at Android Central. While I don't cover virtual reality professionally anymore, I keep up to date on all the advancements and chat with other VR fans frequently.

Last month, I watched the announcement of Meta Quest 3 in awe and with a hint of jealousy. I read Android Central's Meta Quest 3 review with anticipation and want to bug Sutrich to see if I can borrow his headset.

While the Quest 3 is currently the best VR headset you can buy, it is pricier than the Quest 2. That means it's more important to hunt for deals on headsets and accessories, which is where Amazon Prime Big Deal Days come in. Savings on straps, headphones, grips, and more are worth taking advantage of, so here's what I recommend.

Big Deal Days: Best PC deals

Big Deal Days: Best tech deals

Big Deal Days: Meta Quest deals

Meta Quest 3 (Asgard's Wrath 2 bundle) |

Meta Quest 3 (Asgard's Wrath 2 bundle) | $499 at Amazon

Meta Quest 3 brings both mixed reality and virtual reality to the hands and heads of gamers. Support for anchoring objects delivers a true augmented reality experience. The icing on the cake is that Meta announced support for Xbox Cloud Gaming on Meta Quest 3, but you get a free copy of Asgard's Wrath 2 to get you started.

💰Price Check: $499 at Best Buy

ZyberVR head strap for Quest 3: $38.99now $31.99 at Amazon

ZyberVR head strap for Quest 3: was $38.99 now $31.99 at Amazon

It's an unfortunate reality that the default head strap for every Quest VR headset just isn't good enough. Enter the ZyberVR replacement with an extra 10 degrees of adjustable rotation to better fit your head and increased padding for comfort.

Soundcore VR P10: $79 $55.99 at Amazon

Soundcore VR P10: $79 $55.99 at Amazon

Specifically designed for Meta Quest 2 and 3, these ultra-low latency earbuds come with a USB-C dongle that allows passthrough charging of the headset. Regular Bluetooth headsets won't cut it for VR gameplay due to the delay, but the VR P10 buds hit as low as 30ms, essential for immersion.

💰Price check: $55 at Best Buy

Syntech 16ft Quest 3 link cable:$25.99 now $16.99 at Amazon

Syntech 16ft Quest 3 link cable: was $25.99 now $16.99 at Amazon

Play PCVR games directly from Steam and open up your library to almost limitless levels with a reliable link cable like this gigantic 16ft offering from Syntech. We've had first-hand experience with the brand in a Syntech Steam Deck dock review, and you can't really go wrong with a USB-C cable designed explicitly for the Quest 3.

AMVR Quest 3 controller grips: was $29.99 now $26.99 at Amazon with 10% coupon

AMVR Quest 3 controller grips: was $29.99 now $26.99 at Amazon with 10% coupon

The Quest 3 still comes with simple wrist straps, just as the Quest 2 did before, but nothing compares to a reliable set of controller grips. Release all of your fingers without worrying about dropping anything and concentrate on becoming fully immersed with these AMVR add-on grips. Apply the 10% coupon before checkout!

While Meta Quest 3 is impressive, it needs to be improved in some ways. The core hardware delivering the virtual reality experience is great, but some edges need to be swapped out or enhanced. If you had to grab just one Meta Quest 3 accessory, I’d suggest getting a head strap like the discounted ZyberVR head strap for Meta Quest 3. It’s a relatively small investment that dramatically improves the headset. Notably, ZyberVR’s head strap leaves room for headphones like the Soundcore VR P10.

In my experience, Meta rarely discounts the newest VR headset available, so the best way you can save money on a virtual reality experience is to cut costs on accessories.  

Big Deal Days: Frequently asked questions

Windows Central Amazon Prime Big Deal Days live blog

(Image credit: Windows Central)

The specifics for Amazon Prime Big Deal Days are now publicly available, with major brands and categories enjoying significant discounts. Windows Central will update each roundup with the latest dates and details whenever the company releases more information.

Amazon Prime Big Deal Days started at 3 AM ET on Tuesday, October 10, and will run through October 11. The real trick now is getting to the best discounts before stock runs out, so check out our Amazon Prime Day in October live blog and keep up to date with the hottest savings while supplies last.

Which countries are taking part in Big Deal Days?

Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, the US, and the UK are all taking part in Prime Big Deal Days via their respective storefronts. If your country doesn't have its own localized version of Amazon, you may still be able to make purchases from a neighboring variant, but usual restrictions likely apply, so check your local Amazon international shipping terms and conditions.

Do I need an Amazon Prime membership?

Yes. Prime Big Deal Days is a member-exclusive sales event just like Prime Day before it and Prime Early Access Sale before that. If you're not already a member, you'll need to sign up for Amazon Prime for $14.99 per month or $139 annually (plus tax) to qualify for discounts. For new users, a 30-day trial of Prime is the perfect way to take advantage since you're free to cancel your subscription after the event.

Amazon Prime: Free 30-day trial

Amazon Prime: Free 30-day trial

Enjoy all the benefits of exclusive discounts during Amazon events, and cancel anytime. If you decide to stay, it's $14.99/month (plus tax) after the trial. Includes extra benefits like free games via Prime Gaming and more bonus content for subscribers.

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