Prusa 3D printers have long been heralded as the best hobbyist printers money can buy. In fact, I awarded it my highst recommendation in my Prusa Mk3 review, and it is still my favorite printer to use. If you are looking to buy your first Prusa 3D Printer or if you're looking to add more to your collection, this Black Friday may be the perfect time to do it.

While there is no discount on the price of the actual 3D printer, Prusa is giving away some freebies that make it worthwhile picking up during its Black Friday deals. If you buy the Prusa Mk3S+ between Nov. 26-30, you will receive free shipping, an extra removable steel build plate worth $40, and a roll of Prusament PETG filament worth $30. That's a potential saving of $120 when you factor in the free shipping.

Power and quality

Prusa i3 Mk3S+

The best sub-$1000 3D printer you can buy

The Prusa Mk3 is the pinnacle of open source printing, combining quality 3D parts and quality hardware and software, nothing else really comes close.

Why you should care about Black Friday freebies

Prusa ToolheadSource: Windows Central / James Bricknell

While the standard build plate that comes with the Prusa Mk3S+ is excellent — it's a PEI covered steel sheet and works particularly well with PLA — it isn't quite as effective when working with other materials. The latest textured plate has a satin finish that grips firmly to materials like PETG, making print failures far less likely. The first 300 people who buy a new Mk3S+ — that will be you hopefully — will get one of these new satin sheets for free. After that, you will get the rougher, powder-coated steel sheet. I have the standard sheet and is excellent.

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Getting a free roll of PETG Prusament is nothing to sniff at either. Prusament is a well-made filament that is renowned for its dimensional accuracy and the quality of the 3D prints it produces. PETG is becoming the most popular filament to print, and when you add the powder-coated steel sheet to the mix, it is one of the easiest to print too.

Finally, there is free shipping. Whenever you buy a printer from outside the U.S., you can expect to pay a hefty shipping fee. 3D printers are heavy and can be pricey to ship, so you would normally have to include that in your budget. Free shipping on a Prusa Mk3S+ normally costs around $50, so it is worth buying one on Black Friday and saving yourself that outlay.

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