Upgrade your workstation with an awesome curved monitor. The Dell S2722DGM 27-inch screen is down to $284.99 at Amazon. This monitor's regular price is around $330, and it has been selling for that price or higher since July. Before that you'd only find the same display at around $430 or so. It has never dropped below $300 before, so today's deal is a great price with a huge chunk of savings. Don't expect it to last long.

Dell 27 Curved Monitor

Dell S2722DGM 27-inch curved monitor | $45 off

The lowest price we've ever seen on this monitor. It has 1440p resolution, a 1500R curve for immersion and realistic visuals, and a 165Hz refresh rate that makes it great for gaming. It has AMD FreeSync natively and includes an adjustable stand.

Dell always has a whole lot of value built into these S Series screens. It's just got all of those great features that any gamer is looking for in a screen. For one thing, it has a 1500R curve to it. That really adds to the immersion and your overall experience. It keeps the visuals from every edge of the display right in front of you, and it's still nice enough that you could put a couple of them next to each other and fully surround yourself.

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The 27-inch screen has a pixel resolution of 2560 x 1440 and a refresh rate of 165Hz. That 1440p resolution is the sweet spot for creative types and video gamers who want to upgrade but don't want to sacrifice a ton of other features like you might have to with a 4K monitor. The 165Hz refresh rate, for example, would be hard to find on a 4K screen without paying a huge premium that's probably outside your budget. And you want that refresh rate because it really helps with high-octane games like shooters.

If you have an AMD graphics card, you can use AMD FreeSync with this monitor to reduce motion blur and screen tearing. That just adds to the excellent clarity. The monitor also has a great stand with tilt and height that can be adjusted until you're comfortable. Includes two HDMI ports and a DisplayPort as well.

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