The BEST Microsoft Surface laptop on the market is $600 off right now this Memorial Day

Looking for a new laptop this Memorial Day? Perhaps you should consider Microsoft's best Surface laptop on the market right now: the Surface Laptop Studio. Launched in 2021, the Laptop Studio is Microsoft's most powerful laptop, rocking Intel 11th-Gen H-Series processors and NVIDIA RTX 3050 graphics for great performance in a portable package.

Surface Laptop Studio specs

Price: $1,699 (-$400)
Display: 14.4-inch touchscreen
CPU: Intel Core i7-11370H
GPU: GeForce RTX 3050 Laptop
Storage: 512GB

It's also the first Surface to feature a new form factor that allows the display to be pulled forward and laid flat over the keyboard deck when wanting to use the device with touch or a pen. It features a gorgeous 14.4-inch touchscreen display, in Microsoft's usual 3:2 aspect ratio, which makes it slightly taller than most laptop displays. 

It also has an excellent keyboard and Microsoft's first ever haptic touchpad, which means it the touchpad doesn't move when you click on it, but it feels like it does thanks to a clever vibration motor underneath that moves when you press anywhere on the touchpad area. It's very clever stuff.

And although the Surface Laptop Studio is now almost two years old, it's still an excellent laptop with amazing performance, and for the savings you can have today, we think it's definitely worth it. Plus, it's still the latest Surface Laptop Studio, and likely will be for several more months to go yet.

Right now, all Surface Laptop Studio SKUs are on sale, ranging from a $200 saving on the entry-level model, all the way up to $600 off for the very top end SKU. This means you can get the Surface Laptop Studio right now for a starting price of $1,399, but if you want the spec we recommend, that costs JUST $1,699 with a massive saving of $400.

Surface Laptop Studio | From $1,399

Surface Laptop Studio | From $1,399

The Microsoft Surface Laptop Studio is the first of its kind, with a pull-forward display that supports pen and touch input, a gorgeous 14.4-inch display, a haptic touchpad, and powerful specs under the hood. 

Zac Bowden
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