Keep your devices powered up with four $9 rechargeable AA batteries

These four AmazonBasics AA rechargeable batteries are down to $9.27. That's the lowest price we've seen in more than a year, and they usually sell for around $11 or more.

This is part of a larger sale on Amazon taking up to 25% off select AmazonBasics electronics and accessories. The sale also includes a lower capacity four-pack of AA batteries down to $7.55. That's the lowest ever for those batteries, which regularly sell around $9.

According to Amazon, I bought the above pack back in June 2017. They continue to serve as the batteries for my Xbox One controllers. They are very easy to use and last a long time. Each battery has a 2400mAh capacity, and they come pre-charged and ready to use. You'll want to add a battery charger like this $15 AmazonBasics one so you can pop them in there when they run low.

You won't even think about regular batteries for a while once you buy these. Users give them 4.2 stars based on more than 5,100 reviews.

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John Levite
Deals Editor

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