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Let the robots do the cleaning with $200 off the Anker G30 Verge vacuum

Robovac G30 Verge
Robovac G30 Verge

We know Walmart has big plans for Black Friday, with huge sales all throughout the month of November. But Walmart has also already gotten started on the savings with some amazing rollbacks, including the Anker Eufy RoboVac G30 Verge robot vacuum (opens in new tab) on sale for just $149. That's a $200 discount off its regular price. The G30 Verge is a Walmart-exclusive version of the G30, but even the regular robot vacuum isn't selling for this low. It's down to just $250 at Amazon (opens in new tab), which is still $100 more than Walmart's sale.

The G30 Verge is a powerful, fully-featured robot vacuum that can clean easily on both carpets and hard wood floors. It has 2000Pa suction power, which is about as good as modern robot vacuums get anyway. This ensures it always has the suction to pick up dirt and debris no matter what surface it's working with.

You also have a lot of control over the G30 Verge. For example, you can control it entirely with the free app that accompanies it. Set your robot's schedule, and when the job is done you can review everything that was cleaned and where. You also get a set of boundary strips so you can cut the vacuum off from certain areas, like a kid's playroom or a dog bed. You can even connect it to your smart home and control it with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.

The system's navigation includes path tracking sensors that allow it to adapt to changes. If the surface changes or the room does, the G30 Verge will adjust for the most efficient route possible. It's quiet thanks to a brushless motor and uses nine infrared sensors to stay aware of its surroundings and avoid obstacles.

Get ready to see more and more Walmart deals as the Black Friday savings hit.

John Levite
Deals Editor

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