Grab LG's 27-inch 240Hz gaming monitor on sale for just $249

The LG 27GK750FB 27-inch 1080p 240Hz Adaptive Sync gaming monitor is down to $249 with code GAME1. That's $50 off its regular price and a match for the lowest we've seen. The next best price is at B&H where the screen is going for $269.

LG 27GK750FB 27-inch 1080p 240Hz Adaptive Sync gaming monitor

LG 27GK750FB 27-inch 1080p 240Hz Adaptive Sync gaming monitor

If you're a gamer looking to get more than 60fps out of your games, you need this screen. The monitor is also now certified to work with G-Sync.

The monitor uses a TN panel specifically to appeal to gamers who value a high refresh rate and low response time over other features. In this case, it has a native response time of 2ms that can be shortened to 1ms. It also has a refresh rate of 240Hz, which is crazy high. You'd need a pretty powerful computer to get 240 frames per second out of your favorite games, but at least you'd be able to get something higher than the more standard 60.

In addition to all that, the monitor has a 1920x1080 pixel resolution and adaptive sync technology that is compatible with both AMD FreeSync and Nvidia's G-Sync. The ports include three USB 3, two USB 2, two HDMI, and one DisplayPort.

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