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LG reportedly working on a productivity-focused tablet with a detachable keyboard

LG is allegedly working on a tablet with a detachable keyboard that is said to be similar in functionality to the Surface Pro 3. Citing anonymous insider sources, CNET states that the tablet will "will function as a laptop with the keyboard attached and a tablet without."

The tablet is said to be quite different from the Tab-Book 2, which featured a slide-out keyboard. According to CNET, the tablet will be powered by "Intel's fourth-generation core processor and it will pack a Solid State Drive for portability and better battery life."

At this stage, there is no information as to when LG is planning to unveil the tablet. What do you guys think? Would you like to see a tablet with a detachable keyboard from LG?

Source: CNET

  • Sweet, the more choices, the better.
  • Yeah. This plus surface will be the coolest devices of 2015. They have to market is doing great with this strategy
  • I waiting for the day windows phone to have this success. .. I hope windows 10 won't disappoint.
  • As much as I feel the same as you, the difference here is that the surface drastically stands out amongst the competition, computer in laptop form. As awesome as the phone is there isn't an amazing distinguishing factor for the phone.
  • I want the g3 with windows phone!
  • Yes❗
  • Yup
  • Yes!! G4
  • LG G4 for Windows!
  • Yes G4
  • Z3 for Windows!
  • Z4 with W10
  • So much of this
  • Remember that LG and Sony hate Windows and Microsort thals why they won't make Windows Phones.
  • I know about Sony with their Playstation lines, but why LG has to hate Microsoft?
  • Microsoft's idea of providing reference designs is working...... :)
  • Reference designs. Lol
  • Yes it is. I've been waiting for big news from Microsoft lately and I find it within news about another manufacturer. I guess I can't really call Microsoft a manufacturer as I do LG but still... This feels BIG to me. Edit: Before anyone else says this I'll ruin it for you: (That's what she said!)
  • HP even copied the Surface Pro
  • However HP knockoff is big and ugly in my opinion
  • Don't care since I wont be seeing any LG laptop in US
  • That's great news! :-)
  • Great, now how about a G4 with WP10❗
  • * Windows 10
  • Yeah, but the reality is that there's gonna be so many different versions of W10 that we are going to have to differentiate them somehow... Saying WP is gonna still be necessary.... Think about it...
  • Eeeeeeeveryvody wants an SP3 in their product line now. I just hope MS realizes how much of this had to do with all the MacBook comparison ads and the "official tablet of the NFL" line that runs all Sunday and realizes how important good marketing is. Solid product was never the issue despite what people too stubborn/dumb to get used to Windows 8 might say.
  • Spot on
  • Right on.
  • Yes.
  • Would like to se a bigger size device like the nokia n97 with a slide out keyboard. The one in the picture almost looked like that
  • Like Sony's line? I think there's one like that... Me myself think Detachable is better, As you can choose whether to carry the extra Weight and size or not... (experience from using Vaio MultiFlip for 6 months now...) I hope Pen Functionality also get widespread as well... I need a 8 inch tablet with pen!
  • I used to believe that physical keyboards are better than touch screen but... When u get used to a good touch keyboard like the one we have on windows phone... The pros are way more than the cons
  • Could not disagree with you more... I miss my physical keyboard from my feature phone and blackberry... Neither Swype nor swiftkey nor apple nor Windows phone have been able to replace it. I'd argue even T9 on a physical keyboard was less clumsy...
  • I'm only staying with my windows phone with hardware keyboard. WIll not upgrade until they release another one. The blackberry passport is tempting though it runs android.
  • Interesting. I guess you'll have a LOOOOOOOONG wait. I used to think this way too, coming from an N97 mini. But I think once you get used to touch, there's no point in going back. And with the 8.1 swipe thingy(most used feature for me) it's hard to even think about going back to that. Buttons fade and break, don't really see the benefit of it anymore.
  • Now I am seeing the outcome of the Surface line after all. The OEMs have got a wake up call...time to innovate and bring new designs to the table...Maybe no one is accepting but this all started with the advent of Windows may not have been universally accepted but it was one of the most important revolution from Microsoft...the advent of touch along with productivity...just need Windows 10 to balance the things out, sort out the flaws and it will hit bang on...
  • Hey buddy, refrain your excitement... ;) But yeah, I agree with you, sometimes we're so fond of whining that we don't notice the whole picture
  • IPad sales declining
    Surface sales increasing
  • Great news. I want an upgraded version of Asus T100a tho.
  • T100? Most disappointing device I ever bought. Nevertheless, that frustrating experience provided me with the resiliency to deal with WP XD
  • i guess this is going to run Windows 10  
  • This is great news for people like me who feel that the surface is too expensive for us in India, I could go for an LG if it is priced it is don't know why MS doesn't want to sell the surface pro 3 in India, its an awesome product and would be doing great in this market.
  • "don't know why MS doesn't want to sell the surface pro 3 in India" Sort out the corruption in your tax system and companies will start seling again.
  • There's no corruption in our tax system. How on earth can a tax system have corruption? Our tax laws are constantly being revised and India is soon Going to be a tax friendly country
  • Maybe that will help. The tax laws especially on imports are not the best. Look at gold, electronics etc at corporate or individual level, lot of customs still gets in the way to offer competitive prices.
  • "soon" is your keyword. Hypocrisy at its best.
  • ..tell that to the Philippines,... :D   ...btw, I'm in the Philippines and tax system here sucks!.. :D
  • Haha...i read that LG is going to release a new windows phone ...LOL
  • But will it have a pen?
  • I will buy it, if its not an arm based...
  • It will be a PC. Not ARM-based.
  • Most of the detachable tablets now arm based.. Like hp
  • No. Only Windows RT devices are ARM-based. All the rest are real compact PC's.
  • It clearly says it "comes with Intel's fourth-generation core processor"
  • Ya... Just said... Arm is unfit for laptops
  • This will be an interesting new product from LG. A detachable keyboard means it will be easy to carry and will also make typing easier. A combination of tablet and laptop with the power of fourth generation core processor, wow!!! I'll look forward to its release. Thanks for the update, Harish!
  • I'm sure the question on everyone's lips will be, "How many Start buttons does it have"?  I need at least two Start buttons - one on the bottom left and one at the top.  I'd also like to see another Start button on the bottom right so I can use it while looking in the mirror.  I've also heard a rumour tthat Microsoft will be getting rid of all the live tiles and the UI for Windows 11 will only be a Start button.  Nothing else.  That would keep everyone happy.  How cool would that be?
  • Not cool.
  • LOL, he's being sarcastic.
  • What if it doesn't have any... :P
  • I will not be buying any LG phone or computer/tablet in the next five years at least. The way they abandoned WP and the sever lack of support they have is was pathetic. I don't care if their tablet is 3X faster than a surface. I won't be buying it. Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • A UFS 2.0 eMMC which is cheaper and with the speed of SSD will be better for this as it will reduce the overall cost of the device. W10
  • Pure tablets are dying the future are detachable devices
  • Both portability and productivity at the same time. :)
  • U have to give the customer option to have a detachable keyboard. Many tabs dont even have simple docks to place it on a flat table. KB covers are great, removable kbs are wonderful too. And if LG bring a Surface pro like device at 500 bucks, it would sure create a huge buzz.
  • I had the pleasure of playing with a LG flex last night. Brilliant device. I love LG's rear buttons either way as I'm a lefty. Flagship Windows 10 LG flex with rear buttons if I can't get a physical keyboard...
  • Also known as a hybrid... Yeah, hybrids are my preferred home system setup, so the more choices the merrier!
  • As long as they get the screen size and ratio correct then people will buy it.
  • Sounds good to me. I'm really starting to like LG products. Love my LG TV and bluray. Much better than the Samsung's I've been using for the past 3 years of working for Samsung.
  • Agreed :)
  • So true
  • Didn't LG say they weren't doing Windows any longer? Glad to see that the OS is picking up! ;)