LG's 32-inch 165Hz UltraGear gaming monitor has dropped to just $249 at Walmart

Lg Ultragear 1440p Un
Lg Ultragear 1440p Un

Need an upgrade at the monitor position? Walmart has LG's UltraGear GN600 32-inch monitor on sale for $249. That's a $100 discount from its usual price and a match for a deal we last saw in July. It doesn't drop this low very often, and the deals don't last very long. The same screen is out of stock in some places and sold for as much as $360 at other retailers like Newegg. It's a great deal on a value monitor.

For the money you are paying, this display has some great value. For one thing, it just has quite a lot of real estate. That 32-inch screen combines with the display's overall sleek design to give you a fully immersive experience. The nearly borderless design let's you take full advantage of every inch of screen space. Plus you get a pixel resolution of 2560 x 1440, which is plenty of pixels for gamers and the casual viewer alike.

The monitor has a 165Hz refresh rate. That allows for fluid gaming motion compared to the standard of 60Hz. If you're a gamer, especially if you play shooters like Apex Legends or Warzone, then you will really notice that higher refresh rate. It's even higher than the 144Hz that most gamers shoot for in their monitors (since anything higher often comes with an increased price tag). Add onto that refresh rate the AMD FreeSync technology that can work with your AMD graphics card to reduce screen tearing.

Other features include a 1ms response time and support for HDR10, so you can watch movies and game with an even better image quality than normal. See all the dramatic colors and get immersed in every piece of media.

John Levite
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