Microsoft Canada slashes prices on Surface Duo, gaming PCs, and more

Surface Duo 2020 Dbrand
Surface Duo 2020 Dbrand (Image credit: Windows Central)

Microsoft Canada has ushered in a tidal wave of deals so high you'll drown in savings, should you choose to spend money on the site in the first place as opposed to somewhere with savings every day of the year, like eBay. If you're looking for easy access to discounted Surface devices such as up to CAD $700 off Surface Book 3 or CAD $250 off Surface Laptop Go, now's the time to start obliterating that stockpile of paychecks you've been sitting on.

And it's not just Surface goodies seeing chunky discounts. Microsoft is shredding sticker prices of devices that aren't even its own. Lenovo IdeaPads, Corsair gaming desktops, the Razer Blade 15, and more are all seeing their tags reduced, to the tune of CAD $950 in some cases.

If all this sounds good, it gets better: There's one stand-out deal for Canadian Microsoft fans pertaining to the first Surface Duo, which is now down to CAD $934.99. That's up to $1,000 off. While that's not the cheapest the Duo has gone for in other markets, it's certainly a massive slice off the original price. Given that it'll be a while before its younger sibling, Surface Duo 2, sees any major sales, now's the time to dive in if you want an inexpensive taste of Microsoft's foldable action.

Save big with Microsoft Canada

Site-wide sale

Site-wide sale

Whatever you want from Microsoft Canada, you can have. Get big deals on Surface devices, third-party laptops and desktops, and more.

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