If you hate having flat controller batteries, you have to look at this Black Friday deal, which features one of the best Xbox controller battery solutions on the market.

The BEBONCOOL dual-charge battery pack for Xbox controllers is enjoying a tidy 20% sale, down to just $16. Not only is this battery pack compatible with Xbox One controllers, but it's also compatible with Xbox Series S and Series X next-gen controllers as well.

Recharge your controllers

BEBONCOOL Xbox batteries | 20% off at Amazon

Charge em up

The Beboncool battery pack for Xbox controllers comes with two separate charging cells, ensuring you're always ready to keep playing. The 2,550mAh capacity makes these cells some of the biggest in the business and will last for well over 25 hours of continuous play.

There are a few things that make the BEBONCOOL charger a top Xbox charging accessory recommendation from us. I personally use it myself to keep my controllers topped off and have a lot of experience using the product.

It has both USB-C and Micro-USB charge ports, but also comes with a nifty flat cable USB-A connector that is sort of baked into the design. You can use any standard phone charger to connect it up, and the BEBONCOOL charger will automatically turn off when cells are full to prevent over-charging and battery damage.

Depending on the voltage of the charger you use, you can recharge a cell up to full in around three hours, and it should last around 25 hours of continuous play. The charge pack also has two LED indicators to let you know the status of your recharge. Both cells are roughly the same size as two AA batteries side by side and will fit any Xbox One, or Xbox Series X/S console's controllers.

Beboncool Battery Xbox HeroSource: Windows Central

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