The new Surface Laptop and Surface Pro are now officially available, and Microsoft is offering a way for buyers to save a bit of extra cash on their purchase in the U.S. and Canada. Buyers in both markets can score up to $850 off either device by trading in and old device towards the purchase.

Save up to $850 on Surface Laptop and Surface Pro with old device trade-ins

Microsoft specifically calls out the MacBook and iPad in describing the offer, but it sounds like it applied to most old devices you wish to trade in, so long as it's in working order. The other caveat is that this trade-in deal is only available at physical Microsoft stores, so you'll have to trek to the nearest retail outlook to get the deal.

The offer runs from June 15 through July 31, and is applicable on "most Surface devices." If you can't get to a physical Microsoft Store, however, both the Surface Pro and Surface Laptop are up for grabs online as well — you'll just have to do without the trade-in discount.

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