Save over 50% on Microsoft Surface Duo in latest UK discount

Surface Duo
Surface Duo (Image credit: Daniel Rubino / Windows Central)

The experimental dual-screen Microsoft Surface Duo has seen its largest discount to date in the UK market, with over 50% savings now live via the Microsoft Store. The latest discount presents a tempting offer on the first-generation folding device, marketed around portable productivity.

Current Microsoft Store pricing offers the Surface Duo at £679 for its 128GB model, with an upgrade to 256GB costing £730. That's down from the premium £1,400 starting price the product first launched with earlier in 2021, following its U.S. debut last September. While you can read our Microsoft Surface Duo review for our thoughts on the device, Microsoft Store UK also has a generous 60-day return policy on Surface products, should you change your mind.

The Microsoft Surface Duo comes with a distinct premise, with twin ultra-thin AMOLED displays, bound by a robust 360-degree hinge. It's the first Surface product running Android, serving as a full-fledged smartphone, and productivity-geared companion. The two screens make it ideal for multitasking, with full inking support when used with any Surface-compatible pens.

The Surface Duo ships with a Snapdragon 855 processor, 6GB RAM, and a 3577mAh battery, all capable although falling short of the latest flagship devices. While Microsoft has also made steady software improvements with regular updates, we're currently waiting on the long-promised upgrade to Android 11.

Microsoft's latest discounts to Surface Duo reflect the imminent announcement of its successor, with the first Surface Duo 2 images recently leaking online. The upcoming device is expected to improve the camera, one pitfall the first device, while bumping the specifications to modern standards.

Matt Brown

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  • Seriously, seriously tempted, but it's the Duo 2 for me...maybe. That camera bump is a bit off putting. It looks so last minute. Question for the you think those leaked images truly represent the final design for the Duo 2? I've used so many Surface devices over the years, and while they've had some hits and misses, the sleekness and overall design of the devices has been outstanding. That huge camera system on the Duo 2 looks like a terrible compromise between aesthetics and practical usage, and I just cannot imagine the Surface design team whacking a huge, out-of-place camera module on their super-sleek Duo and saying "yup, that'll do!"
  • Yep, that's exactly how I feel... I get the feeling it's an engineering test device
    It seriously would not work - folded back it would just put enormous strain on the hinge because of the uneven pressure
    I was totally gutted when they said 'this is it!' It looks like an abomination - can't it being the final
  • Yeah, agreed. The more I look at it, the more I think that the bump would cause a tonne of issues with useability, not to mention it just looks so out of place. It would wreck the aesthetics. They'd be better off making the whole device a couple of millimetres thicker and finding a way to put a better camera inside the device, rather than hanging off the outside. Fingers crossed this is a test device, or it's another long wait to see what the Duo 3 looks like.
  • "That camera bump is a bit off putting. It looks so last minute." How can you add cameras and also not make the device thicker though? Every 2020 and 2020 flagship has a bump. I'd prefer a thicker device to increase the battery, but I bet Microsoft don't. "That huge camera system on the Duo 2 looks like a terrible compromise between aesthetics and practical usage" I disagree. Decent cameras need space. You're having to add extra camera optics to achieve decent photos. The Duo 2 looks like the one to get, but software may still be an issue. Microsoft just doesn't do Android software design as the market leader, Samsung.
  • I'm in the market for a phone right now. If the camera wasn't so meh it would be a no brainer. Definitely food for thought though.
  • Yup. I'm actually tempted to get it, mess about with it for a month and send it back for the full refund :)
  • US price now = $649
    UK price now = £679 Sweet, until you calculate = $649 is £467
    £679 is $943 We're paying £212 or $294 more depending which currency you work in. To put it another way, it's still nearly a thousand bucks in The UK. No one's ever given me an answer why tech companies always get away with ripping off Brits. Same products, hundreds more. For Samsung phones we even get charged more for inferior phones (Exynos vs. Qualcomm).
  • UK price includes VAT, US price not so much.