Seagate 8TB

This unit was on sale through Black Friday for less than 20 minutes at an incredibly low price of just £134.99, but if you happened to miss that deal Amazon UK has the same drive on offer for £154.99. That's still a saving of £30 on the original price and a steal of a deal for 8TB.

To put this deal into context, an 8TB internal hard drive is likely to set you back around £200. With this Seagate drive, not only are you saving £50 on the storage capacity alone but you're getting an enclosure, some utilities and more to boot. As well as hooking up to your PC, there are two integrated high-speed USB 3.0 ports on the front to allow for the recharging of other devices.

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There's also support from mobile apps and a two-year warranty, which makes the deal that little bit sweeter. If you're searching for a place to store all your personal media, look no further.

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