Microsoft Teams Video Clip rolls out in preview, letting you easily send short videos

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What you need to know

  • Microsoft Teams is gradually rolling out a Video Clip feature in public preview. 
  • Video Clip allows people to send videos that are up to one minute in length. 
  • Users can record, trim, and edit videos directly within Teams by using the tool. 

Microsoft Teams has a new feature on the way that should make it easier to communicate on demand. First announced at Inspire 2022, Video Clip will let users send short videos within messages. It supports recording and editing as well, which will save people from having to jump between applications to trim a video before sending it. 

Video Clip is rolling out gradually in public preview, as highlighted by Petri Jämsen, a Microsoft 365 consultant (via Petri), on LinkedIn.

Videos can be up to a minute long and can be played at any time, much like a voice memo. While Teams already supports video calls, people’s schedules may not line up. With hybrid work spanning around the globe, coworkers are often in different time zones or have different shifts. Video Clip will let people send personable messages that can be viewed on demand. 

Of course, people already have the option to send videos through Microsoft Teams as files, but it’s not a streamlined process for communication. Video Clip should simplify the process of recording a quick video and sending it to someone through the platform.

In other Teams news, Microsoft added a long list of features to the communication app in July 2022, including an improved iPad experience and better integration with Microsoft Forms. We wrapped up everything new for Teams earlier this month.

Microsoft Teams

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Microsoft Teams is one of the most used communication platforms around. It supports video calls, meetings, group chats, and more. Soon, it will allow people to record and send video clips directly through the app. 

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