We're finally through the madness that is Black Friday and Cyber Monday, but fear not if you feel as though you missed out on all the good discounts as some of the best Cyber Monday NAS deals are still underway. We've rounded up some great enclosure and storage discounts still going after the promotions have ended.

A NAS bundle will come with all the necessary hard drives so you can plug it in and get started, but if you want to do it all yourself, you'll want to pick up an enclosure and then a few drives.

QNAP TS-653D Bundle

QNAP TS-253D Bundle | 15% off

This two-bay NAS from QNAP comes with everything you need to get up and running in no time at all. The enclosure has an Intel Celeron J4125 processor, 4GB of RAM, and the company's excellent OS. There are two 4TB drives pre-installed and configured as a RAID.

$552 at Amazon

QNAP TS-653D | $150 off

This may be the same price as the TS253D, but it's actually a six-bay NAS without any hard drives. Everything else is pretty much the same, including the brilliant Intel Celeron J4125 processor, 4GB of RAM, and great QNAP OS.

$550 at Newegg
Seagate Ironwolf

Seagate IronWolf 8TB HDD | $40 off

In order to use the TS-653D above or another enclosure that may be on sale, you'll need some hard drives. This 8TB drive from Seagate is perfect for NAS with multiple bays.

$180 at Newegg

When it comes to NAS drives, we recommend using at least two so you can configure a RAID for protection against data loss. Many of these deals actually end this evening, so be sure to consider acting quickly on discounts that won't be around in the morning, especially if limited stock is available.

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