Cuphead is available as a digital code for Xbox One and Windows for $16.99 on Amazon. This game normally sells for $20. If you haven't given the uniquely animated run-and-gun shooter a chance yet, you should.

Cuphead is a digital-only game which was animated in the style of cartoons from the 1930s. When people ask how games could be works of art, just show them this one. It may look super cute, but it has a focus on boss battles and making your life a living nightmare thanks to its difficulty. It's not as impossible as certain levels in the Crash Bandicoot: N'Sane Trilogy (looking at you Slippery Climb), but one thing all reviews, including Windows Central, seem to note is its "diabolical difficulty". Good luck!

Cuphead was nominated for five awards at The Game Awards, an award show about games obviously, and won three. Check out the rest of the winners here.

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