The Ultimate Guide to Traveling with your Xbox One - SLAPPA M.A.S.K. Backpack

Videogame consoles are meant to be played at home, but sometimes we might need to take a system with us to a hotel, event, or elsewhere. If you're going to take your Xbox One on the go, you'll have a better time with the right accessories. Here are the best cases and monitors for your Xbox One travel needs!

Transporting an Xbox One safely from one place to another involves packing it up in something that will protect it. Sure, you could use the box it came in if you saved it – but you'd be advertising to the world that you're carrying a highly steal-able game console around, and cardboard boxes don't last forever anyway.

The best way to keep your Xbox One safe on the go is with a specialized carrying case of some sort. Ideally, the case would hold both the console and any important accessories while also providing sufficient protection from bumps and scratches. And if it doesn't shout "game system inside," all the better.

Here are our carrying case and monitor suggestions, from cheapest to most expensive.