Windows 10 May 2019 Update biggest problems and complaints

On May 21, 2019, Microsoft began the official rollout of the Windows 10 May 2019 Update (version 1903) to compatible devices. This is the seventh major refresh, and while it's an incremental update, the new version delivers a new set of features and changes around productivity, security, and design, such as Sandbox, (proper) light mode, Reserved Storage, Recommended Troubleshooting, mouse customization, tamper protection, and much more.

Initially, the final version became available on April 8, through the Windows Insider Program, but with this release, the company wanted to improve the update experience, so it increased the amount of time the new version spent in the Release Preview ring to detect issues before pushing it more broadly.

Also, instead of forcing new feature updates onto devices automatically, Microsoft made some changes to the update mechanism to allow users to decide when to update, and more aggressively block devices known to come across issues with the new version.

Although the new changes seem to be helping the rollout, the Windows 10 May 2019 Update is not a feature update free of problems, as many users have been reporting some issues with the update.

In this Windows 10 guide, we'll highlight the most significant complaints and issues during and after the upgrade to the May 2019 Update.

Windows 10 May 2019 Update problems and complaints

These are some of the complaints and problems that users are reporting moving to the new version of Windows 10:

Installation problems with the May 2019 Update

While the new update experience is minimizing issues during and after the upgrade process, it seems that Microsoft is more aggressively blocking the May 2019 Update on some devices, causing some frustration among users.

This PC can't be upgraded to Windows 10 error

Shortly after the feature update became available, a number of users have been reporting several "This PC can't be upgraded to Windows 10" error messages preventing them from installing version 1903. However, the problem wasn't the setup blocking the upgrade. Instead, it was the lack of information to resolve the issue to continue with the upgrade.

On Reddit, user omegalemon reported:

Hey Windows, I appreciate the update, but mind telling me what drivers and services I need to update? This is too bland.

Image source: Reddit

In a different thread, user teraflame complained:

Hey, here's a novel idea. How about telling me what the hell the issue is?

Reddit user Windows_Tech_Support shared a similar experience:

I have been trying to update from version 1803 to 1903, to no avail. Every time I try, I get the message " Your PC has a driver or service that isn't ready for this version of Windows 10. " It doesn't tell me which one, though. Has anyone else experienced this, and been able to successfully install it?

Also, on Reddit, user mycall came across the known issue that blocks the upgrade if the computer has a USB flash drive, external hard drive, or SD card attached:

It says "This PC can't be upgraded to Windows 10" screenshot. Wat?? How do I solve this thx? EDIT: I removed an SD card and USB fob, now it is working. Hardware matters. Thanks, everyone.

At the official Microsoft forums, user HunterLinderman (opens in new tab) said:

Hi, I recently tried updating my computer to the May 2019 update and I got an error saying that I have a driver or service that isn't ready for this version of Windows 10. Is there any way to fix this at all?

Upgrade nowhere to be found

Starting with the May 2019 Update, you supposed to be able to click the Check for updates button in the Windows Update settings page to see if you get the option to upgrade, but again, the lack of communication has some people like sanjaymachchhar (opens in new tab) at the Microsoft forums still wondering why the update hasn't arrived yet.

I am using Windows 10 and currently on version 1809 May 2019 update while everyone else is on Version 1903 May 2019 update. Why am I still stuck on Windows 10 Version 1809 while other people are on Windows 10 Version 1903?

Apps problems with the May 2019 Update

In addition, there has also been a few complaints about apps and features not working correctly after upgrading to the new version of the OS.

Broken Sandbox

For instance, Sandbox is among the favorite features coming with the Windows 10 May 2019 Update, but after the upgrade, a small number of users started reporting problems.

On Reddit, user samsungscreen reported:

Can't start Windows Sandbox, "Error 0x80070002"

Also, user -pANIC- shared a screenshot showing that Sandbox failed to start with error 0x80070057:

Anybody knows how to get Sandbox working?

Image source: Reddit

Buggy Start menu

In the early days of version 1903, a small number of people have also recorded problems with the Start menu.

For instance, user not_AIVD, on Reddit, published a short video revealing some inconsistencies with the Start menu, taskbar, and search box.

Just did a fresh install of 1903. Must say, I'm disappointed with the buggy search and Start menu.

from r/Windows10

And he wasn't the only one, some of the readers in the same thread confirmed the same issue.

In addition, in a different thread, user mfvicli showed off a similar bug, but with the Start button flickering as soon as you hover over the button.

from r/Windows10

Settings problems with the May 2019 update

After upgrading to Windows 10 version 1903, a small number of users filed complaints about crashes with the Settings app.

Reddit member sharktm complained about the Settings app crashing as soon as he tried to access the "Apps" section:

Whenever I click start > settings > apps the whole settings panel crashes and cannot access the apps & features option. it crashes only on apps & features, the rest of the other options from settings seems to be fine.

In the same thread, user Advanced_Path responded:

I cannot believe that 1903 was delayed for three months due to bugs and they still release it, filled with bugs. Or even worse.

Other users also came across the same issue:

Clicking on "Apps" in Settings causes the entire Settings app to crash and disappear in 1903 -- SigmaTheDJ reported.

Reddit user jackal_1 shared a short video detailing the problem:

from r/Windows10

Other complaints with the May 2019 Update

Alongside the installation and app problems, with the rollout of the May 2019 Update, you'll find reports of many other isolated problems and some users ranting about missing features and design consistency.

For example, on Reddit, user CaptainnTedd decided to rollback to the October 2018 Update shortly after night light stopped working on version 1903:

Night light (one of the most important Windows features for me) worked only kind of shortly after the update then it stopped working completely. LoL was almost crashing on me during games several times after the 1903 update, never had any problems with it on 1809. For the time being, I think I'll stay with it because you know why fix something that isn't broken?

After moving to the May 2019 Update, user unigee noted five additional monitors in the "Display" settings page:

Now have 7 monitors with Windows 1903

Image source: Reddit

However, it appears that this was an isolated problem that only required re-installing a fresh copy of the graphics driver.

Another isolated issue was spotted at the Microsoft forums, where user AytoMaximo (opens in new tab) reported that the Windows 10 setup was detecting the computer processor wrong preventing the upgrade process from continuing.

I'm getting a report that "Windows 10 can't run on my computer" because RAM is OK, Free space is OK, but CPU is NOT OK. For some reason, it's somehow "less than 1Ghz". But I have Intel Core i7-4790k 4.00Ghz.

Design consistency

Also, some users have been complaining about the way that Microsoft is handling deprecated features.

For example, user SigmaTheDJ, on Reddit, complained about elements of HomeGroup still shipping with version 1903, when the feature is no longer available.

There are STILL mentions of Homegroups in the menus in 1903

No Settings banner design

Starting with the first semi-annual update of 2019, the Settings app was expected to ship with a new banner design at the top of the homepage. However, during the early days of the rollout, some users were disappointed to find out that after the upgrade, the banner was nowhere to be found.

On Reddit, anunkeptbeard said:

Wasn't there supposed to be a banner in Settings in 1903?

According to Microsoft, the Settings app banner is currently a controlled feature, and it's available only for a small number of devices that were upgraded using the Release Preview ring. Also, even though, the feature didn't fully make in the final release, it's expected to return in a future update.

Wrapping things up

Although you may find a lot of other complaints across the web, this time around, it seems that there are fewer problems than in previous releases, which is a good thing. However, it's not because the May 2019 Update is a flawless release. Instead, it seems that using the Release Preview ring for a more extended period to detect unknown issues early, using more aggressive blocking on devices that may not upgrade successfully, and giving users the choice to upgrade is helping the rollout.

In addition, it's worth noticing that Microsoft has already acknowledged most of these issues and other problems, and it's actively working to resolve them. In fact, the latest quality update available on May 29, 2019 (opens in new tab), addresses a bunch of these problems, including issues with Night light mode, "This PC can't be upgraded to Windows 10" error on devices that has a USB device or SD card attached, and many more.

While the Windows 10 May 2019 Update release could be considered one of the least problematic rollouts, there's always room for improvements. For example, the company could have waited a little longer to ship an update with fewer bugs, and the communication during the upgrade process could have been clearer on incompatible devices, instead of displaying a generic message with little information on how to resolve the issue.

If your computer hasn't received version 1903, the recommended method to get it is to wait until you receive the notification automatically. Alternatively, you can also use the Media Creation Tool or Update Assistant to upgrade, but you have to make sure that your device is fully compatible before proceeding.

Finally, if you can't wait, before moving forward with the installation, ensure that you're doing everything you can to minimize the chances of running into issues, such as creating a temporary full backup, disconnecting unnecessary peripherals, and removing apps that may cause compatibility issues.

Did you come across any problems during or after installing the May 2019 Update? Let us know in the comments.

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  • You incorrectly said 1809 May 2019 update. 1809 is September 2018 update. May 2019 update is working well on my PC
  • I didn't say it, that's is a quotation from someone else that's why it appeared that way.
  • Night Light is fixed by signing out and back in again.
  • Why didn't I think of this first. Btw, Night Light won't work if I disable or enable it after startup
  • Yes . but it's juat a temporary solution . I can't sign out every single time😂. IT JUST A WASTING OF TIME . MY EYES ARE BROKEN BECAUSE OF THAT😂
  • New issue in 1903 for me: On my computers with multiple Network Interfaces (NICs), the Network column in Task Manager always shows only 0% for all tasks. Maybe it's showing the values for the wrong NIC (even though all traffic is only going over 1 NIC). Could also be related to the virtual networking used for Hyper-V... Total network usage is still correct in the graph on the Performance tab.
  • Still no sign of the update. The Xbox app was updated to a new console companion app. The app then explained the update and told me to update to 1903 for the new version of the Xbox app. Doesn't help when the update is still being held in limbo. I guess that's good given the disaster that 1809 turned out to be.
  • Heads up: On the first error "This PC cannot be upgraded..." I has this too on my main PC -- AMD Ryzen 2600, 32GB, GTX 1070. After much searching, it was a *SINGLE* file that runs a service from a few games on Steam. It is called "Battleye" and it will be somewhere in your Steam directory. The service is called BEservice. Delete both of these. After that I could update.
  • I had the start menu problem during one of my insider build updates. I just ran the PowerShell one-liner that uninstalls and reinstalls all MS APPX Packages.
    Did the trick for me.
  • I haven't run into any issues, fortunately. It's been a solid update.
  • What Needs Your Attention can be fixed with deleting BattlEye from your PC, also I had to update RealTek drivers.
  • I updated without a problem except that it takes 13-14hrs for it to complete the whole process. It was really slow but it was worth waiting!
    I used Windows 10 assistant update.
    The good news for me is that my pc is now working well and runs smoother too. Anything l clicked, opens once without dragging or waiting time.
    My pc is made up of 2gb ram, 320gb rom.
  • You should update your hdd, not windows
  • I have hit check for updates 30 times on 3 PCs and never got the update. I finally put one on Release Preview and recieved it.
  • I dont know whats wrong with this update, it messed up my windows hello sign in on my surface pro 4.. it hardly lets me sign as soon as i wake my device, i keep typing my pin to log in atleast 9 times in 10 attempts.. any solution for this??
  • I have had this issue since I updated. I thought maybe I had to restart the machine. Maybe try disabling Hello and then redoing it?
  • Yep, that seemed to work for me. Make sure you completely remove the facial data and redo it.
  • Spoke too soon... Well, it helps it by allowing it to eventually work, but it still takes a while. Hopefully they will patch this.
  • There is a reg fix for the sandbox mode. Once of the cumulative updates details said fix.
  • I did a clean install on the first day 1903 was released. Have had no problems with the new version except for Night Light which is solved by signing out then in again. But it's a PITA that MIcrosoft needs to solve. The problem still exists after the late May Cumulative Update. Night Light had the same problem on 1809 too.
  • How the **** Night Light broke after update, who are the morons in the testing team, it's obviously stay in the action center 45cm in front of you
  • Am I the only one annoyed by the recent downloads view they gave the "Downloads" folder? I'm not some idiotic newb who constantly forgets what ever the hell I downloaded off of the internet and needs constant reminding whatever they were and when I downloaded them :(
  • I read somewhere that this update takes 32 GB of working space and then it will reserve space for future updates. I have a 64 GB Surface Go where that might be an issue. Are these things still true?
  • It's not that bad. Since September, all new built MS Surface devices ship with minimum 64GB, so you should be OK. Pity the poor chumps with 32GB devices. I actually saw an article in PCMag touting the great half price / $150 "deal" DELL had on tablets. Dell is trying to unload them on suckers looking for a super special bargoon on those 32GB shelfware old stock devices. MS updated the min requirements to 20GB space, plus the 7GB of "reserved" space. But apparently they only do the reserve if there is "enough" free space, what ever that means.
  • Just installed on a 32 gb Acer laptop without any problems. Still have 9 gigs left :-)
  • I used Media Creation Tool to update all of my PCs. When I tried to do it in office, I get the update cannot be installed problem on the Intel Compute Sticks. Turns out 1903 needs minimum 32GB storage (and probably 10GB of available space) to install. These means lower-end PCs are stuck on 1803. 1809 also failed.
  • I force installed the 1903 Update, via the Update Assistant, to both my 1TB Surface Book w/ Performance Base and my 1TB 15" Surface Boo 2. Neither of them experiences any problems when using their dGPU like in gaming on them like DOOM 2016 or Forza Horizon 3/4 but when I try to work in Photoshop CC on my SB2 it'll crash both Photoshop CC and my GTX 1060 dGPU disconnecting it from the System. According to a discussion on Reddit and another, I started on the Adobe Forums myself, this problem is no singled out case and something that needs to be addressed by whoever is responsible - Strangely enough this bug, while the OS Update being provided from Microsoft, only appears to affect Adobe Products ( Photoshop, Premier, Illustrator, etc... ) utilizing the dGPU Hardware of the Surface Book 2 as, like already mentioned, does not cause any issues with my SBwPB or my regular PCs also running Nvidia GPUs.
  • My wife and I have bog standard Lenovo and HP laptops. Both have remained standard with only Office 365 home installed. Both failed to install the new May update. Both took almost 2 hours in Preparing phase, another two hours in downloading and finally, started to install but then crashed. Even stuffed our Outlook accounts and rejected passwords that previously worked. Is MS actually trying to drive users into the arms of the Google devil?
  • Updated four Surface units (Surface 3, Surface Pro 3, Surface Go and Surface Laptop). The updated were noneventful, but, all four seem to be plagued by frequent slow shutdowns and having Microsoft Office programs (Excel or Word) activate all by themselves without being requested by users when starting the devices. When shutting down, something seems to be hanging during the log off phase. The physical power down is always quick.
  • The "missing update", even when manual update triggered is probably due to as you said, their pre update checking to "more aggressively block devices known to come across issues with the new version"
  • It is working for me, I updated my Surface Laptop and have not notice any issues yet. It is running even smoother luckily. However my desktop machine which is a Dell 8930 was having the "is not ready issue", after dell delivered a firmware update I successfully downloaded and install the upgrade. No issues so far. Thank GOD!
  • Go to Windows 10 sub-reddit and you'll find a "1903 Update Mega-Thread" filled with complaints of latency spikes, sound not working, infinite boot loops, 1903 now taking an additional 10 seconds to boot etc. etc. ad infinitum. ("You don't have enough reputation to post URL's") Followed by "Sorry you don't have enough reputation so you must wait 5 minutes to post another comment" when I try to repost without the links. How about F this site? If I could game on Linux I would have dropped Microshaft a long time ago. They have proven that they are incompetent lap dogs of the Security State / .01% who want /need to keep tabs on the populace and nothing more.
  • I spent 4 hours trying to fix things, after the Windows 10 version 1903 update. After doing the update, which took forever it seemed, it would not let me log on properly. It would take me onto the screen where I log in, but then my account would not log on properly, and within a couple minutes, it would shut down, and gave me the error code APCINDEXMISMATCH, and then it would shut down, and restart. It kept doing it, until I found a fix online (using my phone). I had to do I think 3 or 4 forced shutdowns, and then after a few seconds, restart it, to put me in safe mode, from which I could remove the update. The link gave me the instructions in what to do, once in safe mode. It was a lot of work, figuring out what to do to fix it tho. I had to check several links, until I found what worked.
  • Kinda late here (I was unaware an article had featured me), but the start menu wasn't "flickering" on the video I posted to Reddit. I would attempt to press the start menu, and it wouldn't open. Which was the result of a GPU update. I restarted and that fixed the issue.
  • This was a much better installation experience than 1809 but not without problems, see below. 1. A PC with multiple USB Western Digital drives would not detect all drives immediately after the update (they were unplugged for the update itself, due to the block on installations with USB devices attached). Unplugging and plugging them in again would result in only one, or none, of them appearing in This PC. This seems to have been resolved by one of the subsequent cumulative updates, all drives are now working as before.
    2. The display control panel for pre-DCH Intel display drivers ( and below) for 6th-9th gen HD graphics is no longer accessible in 1903. You'll need to install the DCH drivers if you need the features offered by the control panel. Fortunately, EDID overrides seem to be at least partially working now with the DCH drivers.
    3. PCs installed with the US (non-International) English version of Windows 10 will have handwriting, speech etc. packs for additional languages removed, those will need to be re-downloaded. US English will also be added even if it was removed previously, but if so will not appear in the list of preferred languages. To remove US English you need to add it again, then choose remove after it has been installed.
    4. Due to the USB block on installations, it effectively means you need 15 GB of free space to update from an ISO, which may be problematic on devices with <64 GB drives.
    5. A PC with a pre-existing 830 MB recovery partition (which should be ample) had another ~450 MB recovery partition created during installation.
    6. 2 of 4 PCs updated had fixable errors shown in sfc immediately after installation where there were no errors prior to installation.
  • Just did the 1903 update from 1809 and then had to uninstall it! The blue screen with “Windows has encountered an error” message keeps happening after a few minutes after signing on. I think I’ll give Microsoft a little more time to get things correct before trying the update again.
  • The 1903 feature update has broken some basic Windows functionality of a plug-in I have written for Outlook. It has a dropdown combo box with a list populated from a dataset, and it will no longer respond to keyboard input! As far as I have been able to determine so far, the KeyValue is no longer being set. I have proven beyond doubt that this is a direct consequence of the update. For now, I have reverted our workstations to a previous version and paused Windows updates, but this is going to cause major problems for my business if I cannot find a solution by the beginning of September! Thanks, Microsoft.
  • Just try LTSC, you'll be much happier. It's a lighter version of Windows 10, uses less space on your SSD, less updates, less garbage apps, no cortana, no onedrive, no edge, no skype.....Is the best version ever
  • Im not sure, but also i feel like apps take longer to open now, and lag much more often. Edge lags occasionally now, when it used to never lag before. also, this is just a personal thing, but i hate the new whiteboard app. its slow, clunky, and doesnt have the same level of refinement as the original sketchpad. really hating the new update
  • The whole Windows 10 version 1903 is a complete shambles. One laptop downloaded the update but my Datacolor Spyder saving of a new calibration would not work. I had to carry out lots of complicated work arounds. A second almost identical laptop only accepted the 1903 update after I did a reset. Again the Datacolor calibration tool needed the same complicated work around. I addition I also had to reload various apps which were wiped by the reset. A third similar model of HP Envy Spectre laptop accepts no updates, resets and scans for corrupted items show nothing untoward. . Effectively Microsoft has trashed this perfectly good machine because of their crap update. Troubleshoot just goes around in circles with the same things and solving absolutely nothing. In the usual Microsoft fashion they care sod all for users hardware no doubt saying tough, buy a new one, just like they did with y Nokia phone.
  • I have come across this issue with the update. My company is using Panasonic Toughbooks CF-31 mostly MK-1 and MK-2 versions. They us cellular in the field when there is no WIFI and that is most of the time. The issue is that with the update it turns the Cellular off and the button stays grey under the network icon of the taskbar. I found that if you bring up network adaptors and disable then re-enable it it will work until you restart the computer, but even that doesn't work on all of them. I do not know if this is an issue on all cellular enabled windows 10 devises after the update or just curtain models. I cannot find any forums on the matter.
  • Update on this issue. It is the Sierra MC7750 Aircard in the Toughbook that the 1903 update is glitching with. I say glitching because it will still work when disabling and enabling in Windows or turning off then on by hardware switch. The GOBI 5000 Aircard does not have that problem.
  • After installing 1903 realtek audio stopped working.