There are gobs of games in the Windows Store to help you pass the time. Some test your reactions while others challenge your skills at deduction and problem solving. Windows 10 puzzle games fall more into the latter category and can be an excellent choice to fill short bits of time with. In some cases, these puzzle games can be rather addictive, consuming more time than you realize.

From the traditional jigsaw puzzles to number puzzles to logic puzzles you can find just about every variety of puzzlers in the Windows Store. We sifted through the offerings and found these Windows 10 games to be some of the best puzzle games available.

Two Dots

Two Dots

Two Dots is a Bubble Burst style game that is available for Windows 10 PC and Mobile. You are presented with a field of colored dots that you need to create connections of two or more of the same colored dots. Connections can be vertical, horizontal or a combination of both to create larger connections.

Two DotsTwo DotsTwo Dots

Each game level with Two Dots challenges you to makes these connections and collect specific numbers of each colored dot. While this sounds simple, you have a limited number of moves to collect all the required dots. This adds a strategy element to the game, requiring you to plan your moves in advance to avoid running out two dot matches. Any moves left over after you collect the quota result in bonus points, and large connections can award bonus items.

Two Dots has a color-blind mode and several backdrops (arctic tundras, jungles, ocean depths, etc.) to add to the game's appeal. There is also support for Facebook integration where you can battle friends for high scores and earn Facebook medals. Two Dots is a free game, with a few in-app purchase opportunities.

Download Two Dots from the Windows Store

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2048 Plus

2048 Plus

2048 is an addictive puzzle game where you combine merge even-numbered tiles, working your way up to a tile with the value of, well, 2048.

2048 Plus2048 Plus2048 Plus

2048 Plus is a Windows 10 Mobile rendition of this game that delivers the classic version of the game and a few variations of the game to your Windows Phone. Along with the classic game that utilizes a 4x4 playing grid, 2048 Plus includes a 5x5 and 6x6 game board. 2048 Plus also includes:

  • X-Mode where some of the grids are marked with an X that cannot be used to combine tiles.
  • Survival mode where new tiles come into play automatically and you have to create matches before the game board fills with tiles.
  • Practice mode that allows you to undo up to 20 moves.

2048 Plus2048 Plus2048 Plus

Tiles are combined by swiping at the screen to move them vertically or horizontally across the game board. The entire board moves as you swipe the screen and matching tiles that come in contact, automatically combine for the higher valued tile. For example, two tiles numbered 4 create a single tile number 8.

2048 Plus is a highly addictive puzzle game that challenges your ability to plan moves well in advance. It is a free game and available for Windows 10 Mobile.

Download 2048 Plus from the Windows Store

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Lines the Game

Lines the Game

Lines the Game is a Zen-like Windows 10 Mobile game where you place or remove dots to initiate a colorful race that completes a drawing. The dominant color in the drawing wins the race.

Lines the GameLines the Game

Each of the 250 levels begins with you placing colored dots on a drawing outline. The color you control outlines the game screen and once all your dots are in place, the race begins with a colored line expanding from the dots. Colors cannot overlap and if one color reaches an intersection of the drawing first, it cuts off any other colored lines that approach the same intersection.

Lines the Game has five game modes, twenty Xbox achievements and a relaxing soundtrack. It is a puzzle game that tests your skills at strategy, planning and luck. Lines the Game is from the Game Troopers team of developers and is currently priced at $4.99. It is an addictive puzzle game to pass the time with.

Download Lines the Game from the Windows Store

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Microsoft Jigsaw

Microsoft Jigsaw

Microsoft Jigsaw delivers a large collection of classic jigsaw puzzles to your Windows 10 PC. There are hundreds of puzzles available for download and three game modes to offer a little variety to this Xbox Live title.

The Windows 10 game has a Classic Jigsaw mode where you solve a variety of puzzles, much like you would a jigsaw puzzle from a box. You can select the number of pieces in the puzzle to adjust the difficulty levels.

Microsoft Jigsaw

The Jigsaw Jam mode has you solving puzzles against a game clock and the Daily Challenge mode to solve special puzzles for Xbox achievements.

Microsoft JigsawMicrosoft Jigsaw

Additional features of Microsoft Jigsaw include randomized cuts that offer a unique experience every time you tackle a puzzle, automatic piece sorting, and support for multiple concurrent in-progress puzzles. You also have the ability to create a puzzle from your own photos or launch your device camera to capture a new photo to convert into a puzzle.

Microsoft Jigsaw is a free game available for Windows 10 PC. The free game includes ten puzzles to challenge your jigsaw skills with and additional puzzle packs are available through in-app purchase ($1.99 and up).

Download Microsoft Jigsaw from the Windows Store

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Evo Explores

Evo Explores

Evo Explores is an entertaining Windows 10 game that is inspired by the eye-catching puzzle game Monument Valley. Available for both Windows 10 PC and Mobile, Evo Explores sends you to a physics-defying world where you must solve a series of perplexing puzzles.

Evo ExploresEvo ExploresEvo Explores

The game has dozens of levels to conquer where you move a small robot, Evo, around mind-warping puzzles. The Windows 10 game lets you rely on your imagination and ability to look beyond the face of the structure to decipher the puzzle.

The mechanics of manipulating the puzzle's architecture include swinging sections of walkways, rotating the entire puzzle, raising columns, sending Evo to stand on a switch and more. I think the hardest solution to grasp is removing a gap in the walkway by hiding it with a column. It shouldn't work, but as the game's description states, " your eyes. If something looks real, it is real." If you cannot see the gap, it must not exist.

There is no time limit or points to earn. Each level of play with Evo Explores is pass or fail in nature. The game currently includes only fourteen levels of play, but some of the levels are designed in multiple stages where you must solve several puzzles to complete the level as a whole.

Evo Explores is available for Windows 10 PC and Mobile and is currently priced at $1.99. It is a game full of visual illusions and overall Evo Explores is a challenging way to pass the time.

Download Evo Explores from the Windows Store

If you have given any of these game a try, let us know what you think of things in the comments. Along with this collection of the best puzzle games for Windows 10, there are even more quality puzzle games available in the Windows Store. Games such as Prune, Flow Free and Simple Word Search come to mind.

If we have overlooked your favorite Windows 10 puzzle game, please share your recommendation in the comments as well!