Rayman Jungle for Windows Phone

Get Rayman Jungle Run on Windows Phone 8 now, before those Lums get away

This morning we reported that Ubisoft’s Rayman Jungle Run would soon launch on Windows Phone 8. Ubisoft first announced it back in February and released a nice Windows 8 version in March. Thus the Windows Phone 8 port was only a matter of time…

And here we are! Rayman Jungle Run is now available on Windows Phone 8. What’s more, it runs on devices with 512 MB of RAM, unlike last week’s Nokia-exclusive EA releases. With a highly manageable 49 MB download size, anyone who rocks a Windows Phone 8 handset should be able to enjoy this excellent entry in the Rayman series.

The return of Rayman

Rayman Jungle Run for Windows Phone

Rayman Jungle Run is a platform game that borrows elements from endless runners like Gravity Guy 2.  Rayman (or his partner Globox) automatically runs forward at all times, freeing up players to concentrate on his jumps and other moves.

But this isn’t a game where you just run, jump, and run some more until you die. Jungle Run packs five worlds and 50 levels (plus a handful of secret levels) for players to master. Your goal is to not only complete every level but also collect as many Lums (floating collectibles) as possible while doing so. That collectible element adds a ton of replay value, because a level is only really done once you’ve perfected it.

Despite the title, Jungle Run takes place across a variety of beautiful, hand-painted environments. Rayman will run through caverns, mountainous peaks, and many more interesting places. Each world introduces a new power to master, including hovering, wall jumping, and punching. The game does a great job of warming you up to the tough stuff.

Windows Phone specifics

Rayman Jungle Run for Windows Phone

As you’d expect, the Windows Phone 8 version of Rayman Jungle Run is remarkably similar to its Windows 8 predecessor. The visuals are exactly the same but optimized for the smaller display – and because this isn’t a Windows Phone 7 game, the game still renders them at a sharp resolution. The music is peppy and puts you in the mood for some running.

All four characters made the cut and can be played right from the start. They share the same abilities, but at least give players a little customization to enjoy. Even the unlockable Gallery pictures are the same, and they actually look good at Windows Phone 8 screen resolutions, unlike on Windows 8 where they appeared too tiny.

Finally, Jungle Run’s Achievements are identical to the Windows 8 version. Players who buy both versions can earn both sets of Achievements. But the Achievements themselves might deter you a bit. The individual Achievements provide GamerScore in odd values instead of multiples of five, which always bugs obsessive compulsive types. But more importantly, a couple of Achievements require you to play through the entire game just about perfectly in one sitting. “Simply impossible,” indeed.

Make a run for the jungle

Rayman Jungle Run for Windows Phone

Evil Achievements or no, Rayman Jungle Run is one of the most enjoyable mobile platformers in existence. The game doesn’t offer a trial yet, but it’ll probably show up later on. Still, platforming fans can buy without fear of disappointment.

Rayman Jungle Run – Windows Phone 8 – 49 MB - $2.99 – Store Link

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Get Rayman Jungle Run on Windows Phone 8 now, before those Lums get away


Dude, its $3. C'mon now. Surely you can spare $3. $2 is that big of deal for you. I just don't get it. Not to be rude but you probably spend more than that every morning before work getting coffee and what not. Live a little splurge. You'll have fun!! You make money you might as well enjoy it and spend it. Again we're talking $2.99. Maybe it's the principal, I don't know. Pick your battles. This isn't one of them

Ha! I just have high standards for buying apps, I guess. I will probably buy it as some point just to support the dev bringing the app to us.

Nope, not required. As to why, no one knows. Could be evil--cash in on people's want of this game (which is good, btw), overlooked or the game was rushed and it will come with a later update (probably).

Thanks for the answer Daniel. Deleted my post as I read that at the bottom of the article that a trial will come later on. Bought it anyways.

True; I won't drop $3 on it.  If i bought every app that caught my interest then I would spend a lot on apps.  I am happy to wait for a trial version or price drop.

Maybe he worked out a deal where his job pays him in windows phone games. I hope he specified to them WP7 or 8 or it could get complicated.

Already have this on my Surface. I resent having to pay for things twice in the Microsoft ecosystem.

Exactly. $3 is fine but so many of these things don't work well w touch controls... I need to try first.

Why would you buy wp7 this late in the game....shoulda gotten an 8. Get you mad bad decision self out the comments section troll

$3?! I'm not made of money! How am I supposed to buy Starbucks, Panera for lunch, a $12 movie ticket and this game?

No trial :(      Next week I hope Nokia will bring Badass games like "Dead Space" "Madden" "Real Racing 3" "Worms" "Tetris Bliz"

Wow totally not weird achievement points. There's one for 1 and one for 4 and you can get them both in 5 minutes. No one is going to be butthurt over it

wait...is this the game in which the better looking younger brother takes the older autistic brother to the casino to count cards?  oh, and when is Judge Wapner on?

LOL gimp. That's the price of a Coffee Shop coffee, this will last much longer. Your value system is broken.

Why not? It happens to be on a mobile, but it's a pretty professional quality game. Many many man hours have gone into this.

I'm aware of the quote from the film. Is everything a meme these days, if more than one person references a film quote?

First game I've bought without even trying. Based solely on my experience with Rayman Origins on Xbox. Totally an impulse buy but I have a good feeling about this.

For my fellow HTC 8x owners: this game will fill your screen. No black bars! Also it runs super smooth. Feels like 60 fps. It has wonderful graphics. Makes Temple Run look like an Atari game. I'm loving it wo far.

Only the charming looks of Rayman arcade deserve at least the current price tag...with gameplay is worth much more. Phone entertainment at its best!

Bought because it's an amazing game (that hopefully ubisoft will not let it outdated) and because it's one of the few games on WP that cost 2.99 on iTunes too (instead of almost every other "2.99$" WP game title)
Highly recommended!

Y is it everythng is chargable in WP n not in android ? Thy get best latest stuff free n we have to pay ? Any explanation moderator ?

just because Microsoft want to get as much moeny as possible without thinking of making wp8 better...good job microsoft~ keep flooding the store with stupid paid games...

This game costs money on Android as well, and perhaps you shouldn't have a smartphone if you want it to be a one-time purchase that never requires you spend money on it ever again.

Great game. While others sometimes complain about price, my complaint is that because they run on different code; I have to pay $3 on my Surface and then $3 again on my phone. There has to be a way to allow the developers to give a discount if they already own one version. :/

Best game.. Buy w/o try.. Highly recommended.. Waited so long fr this game..next is jetpack n temple run 2..

Rabbids Go Phone has also appeared, WP7 too. 79p as well, so snapped it up so to stop my sulking about missing Jungle Run :P

Asphalt 7 has the same quality and is cheaper, but due to the storage on L620 i've uninstalled it. This one is too expensive - considering that you will play once.

I thought you could try all Xbox games before buying. Why not this one. Only Xbox game that I noticed is like this.

Oh no, I'm gonna get it! Didn't read the article, made a post someone else already made above me. Here cones the tongue lashing! This sets people off. Let me have it, let me get my tissue first, my feelings are going to get hurt.

Another Game i would instantly buy, but cant since my HTC 8S is out of storage. There is nothing left to delete and i have a 32GB SD card :(  Anyway, enjoy this great game!

Lest hope zeptolab (Cut the rope Time Travel,Pudding Monsters) will show some love for WP users asap!

People whining about the price are the reason why we don't get more ambitious game on mobile devices

I like this game and love the title song (whistles) overall a well made game. I hope it have some staying power after the eye candy and graphics get regular.

Can't get it because I am in New Zealand... This is the thing that frustrated me most with windowsphone8. If I set my location to New Zealand it seems to offer my less apps and they never have any reviews, but if I change to USA then I get to actually see what is decent. But then if I want to purchase something I can not because it is the wrong area for where I actually am. Never had this problem when buying apps on my ipod touch, not sure why this is an issue for microsoft. Maybe it was designed to provide better apps for our specific region and needs but with such a small user base it is far more of a hinderince than it is useful. Getting pretty annoyed at the lack of anything fun.

Same here in Greece. Don't know what's going on. When Monster Burner was released, also by Ubisoft, we had it in the blink of an eye. Rayman is still not available here and quite frankly not sure if it will ever be. Also, comparing our store to the USA store, this game is the only one missing right now(!!!)

Really? Wow, that's weird. Maybe you've set your location to another country affecting the store. Anyway, I just found out that it's available for me too now. All good.

Yeah i realised that. I'm new to the Windows Phone. I was used to the Google Play Store which was updated simultaneously for all countries. Thanks a lot anyway. 

Ok thanks, wasn't aware of that. The game has now shown up in the NZ region where I can actually purchase it. One more gripe though... The $2.99 USD should convert to $3.70 NZD at current price but the store wants price is $4.49 NZD. Oh well, that's the price of living in a small far away land.

Damn, there are some poor ass people in this comment thread. 
I think the game looks amazing, I'm finally starting to want a WP8!  Come on Sprint, announce something please!
EDIT: WTF, why did my comment appear here?  oh well.