DEAL ALERT: Staples selling the 32GB Surface RT for just $399 (Store only)

Surface RT Staples

Yesterday, we were moments away from posting a story about how the normally $499 priced 32GB Surface RT was reduced by $100 at Staples, including online purchases. Unfortunately as we were going to press, Staples changed the price back to $499, which is still reflected on their website. Curses!

But wait...

Staples Surface RT Sale

Tonight we swung by our local Staples (we like to punish ourselves sometimes), and we noticed that the 32GB Surface RT is indeed going for $399.

It’s rare to see any Surface go on sale, let alone a $100 discount. The sale looks to be going on thru the beginning of June, so you still have some time to go get one. And hey, if your store doesn’t have  it on sale, you can show ‘em these pics to prove it.


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DEAL ALERT: Staples selling the 32GB Surface RT for just $399 (Store only)


What do you like about it? I've been hesitant because I want a full windows version(pro). Is it really worth it?

I had one and sold it because I didn't use it as much as I thought I would've. I thought it was worth it. If you're really (and I mean really) plan on installing third-party software that isn't from the Microsoft Store then, get the Pro.

Why wouldn't you be able to install apps from the Microsoft store? You can install the same software from the Microsoft store except desktop apps. And most software in Microsoft store is Windows 8 modern UI which runs on both. I have pro and RT so I know.

The Surface Rt is quite an amazing device. The full wen browser is really all I need. I can browse anything in widescreen unlike my iPad. I can't use the iPad on all flash sites. I don't regret it at all. I stopped using the iPad and only use the Suface now.

Me too. I realized a couple weeks ago that I hadn't used my iPad in so long I didn't even know where it was. RT has all the apps I need. I mainly use Internet Explorer, Twitter, and Reddit to go. Don't really need anything else. Those are my needs and yours may be totally different, but i just don't need to run Photoshop on my tablet.
Surface RT has been a pleasant surprise.

Full flash web browser, full office support, texbooks through kno at a very nice price, probably the smoothest pdf file reader, thin keyboard, Very good battery.

What he likes might be a separate thing from what you like...and one might be willing to forego certain things for convenience, but wait why am I answering for him? A and B conversation...sorry, see ya later, cats! =D

Personally, I would take an Atom device over a Surface. They cost about the same, have about the same battery life, but trade 3D gaming for a MASSIVE increase in software support, as they can run legacy Windows software.

:/ not a fan of Atoms though. My wife's netbook with XP is horribly slow with one. I wanna see some AMD chips get into one of them.

That's an atom with Windows XP not an atom with Windows 8. Windows 8 is a lot more efficient. My friend has one. It is pretty fast, especially with modernui applications.

If it's running XP, it also probably an old Atom. Newer Atom processors are faster, though Win7 and Win8 outperform WinXP on the same hardware. Also the AMD equivalents are good, and some even provide the features required to run Virtual PC and Hyper-V. (I can run either Virtual PC or Hyper-V satisfactorily on my 3 1/2 year-old AMD C-60-powered Acer Aspire One 722-0473 netbook. This, with a standard notebook harddrive.)

I love mine. Full browser, File Explorer that allows you to easily browse the network just like your desktop PC, easy printing just like your Windows PC without any 3rd party junk, Real Office, multi user profiles and mainly - its windows. The same apps from the store work on my desktop, laptop and Surface. Also, you can manage your kids' accounts with Family Safety - when they log in, they inherit all the controls I have setup. 

I have the RT, provided by my company. of course you can't use it to code, or to do photo editing but... would you really use a tablet to write code or do touch ups with photoshop? For that i have a desktop. I use the surface when i am on the go, i can project PPT presentations, i can do Word, Excel, the client mail could be better i agree but is good enough. Same is for the calendar. I have Lync, i kave Skype, i have Skydrive, i can read PDF both wth the Reader and with PDF Touch, i have games, i can watch videos when i am on a plane. i cah use it to charge my Lumia 920, i can have an externa mouse via USB, it is sturdy (took it backpacking in Nepal and made people envious because i could offload pictures directly from the SD card into the Surface and up to Skydrive). I could go on, but i think i made my point...

I love my surface rt. I had the 32GB since launch until it was stolen... I promptly purchased another surface rt, 64GB this time.
O have other computers, laptops, and an ultrabook. The rt is a really good tablet, the best to me and my profession.
I don't want to run legacy apps on my tablet, I go to my other laptops for that. The surface rt is light, cool to the touch when working, slim, and can do almost all of windows tasks.
I remote desktop in other computers when I am really in a jam. People need to see the rt as the tablet that can do so much more that other tablets. The pro is a full PC in tablet form...

Edited. Better now? What agony! You are discussing the pros & cons & its not even available here in India.

You wont regret your decision. I am typing from one and I love it. I pre-ordered mine and have been using it from day 1.

Ek din aye ga... It is one of the best things I ever owned; Other than my TP2 and Lumia 920.
Edit: And my new Durango...I had to add that. :)

The resolution on this thing is a dealbreaker for me. $300, and I'd think about it. 
Is there a way to play .mkv video files on an RT device? I'm having trouble finding what media formats are supported.

There are a few apps that do it. I found them just by searching the store for mkv.. I have had problems with full HD videos, but not with 720p or others

Thank you sir. So you've actually played 720p and SD mkv on your RT device via a 3rd party app, and it works? Just confirming b/c you said something about just searching the store. 

i'm using multimedia 8 (M8) on my RT. So far it's the best video player for me, no troubles with subtitles. I don't have a mkv file around to give it a try but i guess you can download the app. It's quite small if i recall correctly

MKV plays without issue using Mobile.HD Media Player.
it cost me AUS $3.99 and it is bullet proof.
I have streamed 2hr 720p movies over the wireless connection at my home any number of times.. It's like having a TV in the toilet without the fuss!!!
Surface RT ftw

Yep, no problem at all. As said below, it is the paid app Mobile.HD. It wasn't too expensive and works very well..

I'm price matching this with Best Buy and trading in some phones to sweeten the deal as soon as I get off tomorrow. I was gonna go for the 64, but I can't resist at this price.

My wife has the Dell XPS10 and really likes it.  For her it is lighter that the RT, thinner - no USB built in but she rearely uses it and when she does she just uses the XPS10 optional keyboard dock. The dock provides additional battery life as well for the tablet. 
Nice alternative to the surface if your in the market for an RT device.

I got the XPS 10 for my son. It has USB built-in, but its micro-usb. You can use and adapter to plug in a USB device. The Dell is lighter, but has a flimsy feel about it. Not bad for the price though and performs well. 

Not to many people want the rt, they want the pro. So they lower the price to try and entice. The rt is a nice piece of machinery, but its no pro. Bye bye

Still cant do it, even at that price. I'm selling my Pro because its not the best match for my needs and went with an Atom device while I wait for Bay Trail/Haswell devices. Need a few legacy apps including WMP to manage my WP device so RT wont work.

Hmm.. I just had a chat with Staple agent online, but she said it is $499, not $399. I will check in store in case, but did anyone actually get it?

Just bought one for my Wife at the Staples in Bloomington IN for the $399.00 price.  The sale was not listed on their display and the Sales Staff had no idea but when they checked in their system the sales price (through tomorrow) was confirmed.
So it's for real, but you might have to ask someone to look into it when you get there.

I would have purchased yesterday if it had a capacitive pen option like the Pro.  Requirement for me to use Onenote!

FYI, some(maybe all?) Best Buy's have a 10% off all open box stuff thru June 1st.  If you find one with a surface pro 128GB open box it'll take the price down to the low 800s.  It would be $892.xx after tax for me. (6.25% tax)

Woot! Bit the bullet and picked one up today. I've got 14 days in case I get buyer's remorse but comparing the screen to my nook tablet I think I made the right call not waiting for an 8 incher