DEAL ALERT: Microsoft Stores offering free AT&T Lumia 1020 (Update: Store locations)

Update 1PM ET: We now have the full list of stores with this limited offer, listed below

Here’s a special deal for you folks who live near an official Microsoft Store: you can pick up the AT&T Nokia Lumia 1020 for $0 with a new two year contract. How’s that for an offer you can’t refuse?

The offer is only good through November 3rd and as we said, in-store only, so don’t bother looking for this online anywhere as you won’t find it. Evidently, Microsoft is sending out emails to notify people of the deal and a few of you are snatching it up. Forum member ‘dkp23’ even posted a screenshot to verify its authenticity and indeed, we’ve heard from a few of you separately that this deal is legit.

The Lumia 1020 only launched a few months ago at the $299 price point, but it dropped to $199 after a few weeks. We have no reason to believe that this is anything other than a temporary sale, meaning we don’t expect AT&T to follow Microsoft here.

AT&T did launch the Lumia 925 recently at $99 and the Lumia 920 is now $0.99 on contract. Beginning in November, AT&T is also expected to offer the Lumia 1520 for around $299 on contract, making it the first Windows Phone 6-inch device. That price range – $0.99, $99, $199 and $299 – makes a compelling offering to consumers and offers a clear choice based on budget and preferences.

We haven’t checked with our local Microsoft Store if this Lumia 1020-free deal is being offered, so you may want to call ahead to check yours.

Stores Offering the Lumia 1020 on AT&T for free with contract

  • Microsoft Store at Fashion Valley Mall in San Diego, CA
  • Microsoft Store at the Valley Fair Mall in San Jose, CA
  • Microsoft Store at Christiana Mall in Newark, Delaware
  • Microsoft Store at Stanford Shopping Center in San Jose, CA
  • Microsoft Store at the Mall at Rockingham in Salem, NH
  • Microsoft Store at the Westchester, Whiteplains, NY
  • Microsoft Store at the Village at Corte Madera in Corte Madera, CA
  • Microsoft Store at the Natick Mall in Natick, MA

Source: Windows Phone Central forums; Slickdeals; Thanks, dkp23, Sean M. and Brian G., for the tips!


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DEAL ALERT: Microsoft Stores offering free AT&T Lumia 1020 (Update: Store locations)


I drove through Wyoming to get to Washington ( I am from Illinois ). Anyways, my friends and I usually made fun of people that we would meet from that state along with SD, ND, etc  Becuase of the lack of population. So it would be something along the lines of oh you must be one out of ten from there. Something stupid. Man, what ignorance on my part. Wyoming is probably one of the most beautiful states Ive seen. The damn state even smelled good, lol! The sites and smell of the mountains, trees/forests, wildlife... awesome place. 

I have the phone and I would pay $299 to still get it Troll!  But don't worry about it because it is a higher function device and you are obviously not programmed to learn and therefore not enlightened enough to properly enjoy using it!

I'm about halfway into my 2 year contract. Still hoping to see the 1020 off-contract pricing decline come holiday season.

This should spike sales for Nokia. The sales reps at the stores have an easy incentive now to move these 1020's out the store.

So, does this mean that if I buy the phone and then choose to cancel the contract, I just pay $325 and the phone becomes mine? Not bad at $325 for the 1020, I guess. Or am I missing something?

This is correct, if you buy the phone on contract, i believe the ETF starts at 325, you just pay the ETF and you are out of contract. Essentially you are paying half of the retail price on the device.

I think you have to have the service for a little while before you cancel and just pay the ETF otherwise you have to pay for the phone too. Could be wrong though.

You still have to pay for the phone depending on the remaining subsidies from my understanding. Pro rated

No. You would have to pay the AT&T ETF fee (which is $325) plus the Microsoft ETF fee (which I think is $400). All resellers, like Microsoft and Amazon, have an additional ETF fee.

Arrg! Just got a 920 last month. I knew this would happen eventually, but I didn't think the price would drop that low until Black Friday.

Yeah, I just got a 920 last weekend. If I return it they charge me a restocking fee. I like built in wireless charging, but I like rad cameras, too. Decisions, decisions.

Yeah, but I know that thing will come loose at some point and fall to its death from the top of a roller coster or something.  If it was built-in this would be a very easy decision.

Lipidp, I agree... If this had built in wireless charging I would own one. As is, it's very hard to give up my 920 with awesome fitted Nokia case...

My daughter dropped her Lumia 920 at the Dark Knight rider at Six Flags Great America. They found the phone a couple days later, not a scratch on it.

I dropped my 1020 from about a foot high on a hard surface, and the screen cracked. I had previously dropped a 920 from the roof of my car on the road while taking off and it survived with a little body/corner damage.

The wireless case on mine is plenty tight but is not much protection.  I have a non wireless charging case I use for work and wish some aftermarket wireless options would come out.

I'm leaning towards that.  To think I will have the best smartphone camera available makes my sphincter tingle.  Plus, it's more likely to receive the WP8.1 upgrade than the 920 since it's newer.

I got it!  It is unbelievable what you can do with this camera!  The Microsoft Store was actually very nice and the people very friendly.  It makes me a bit sick that they have copied Apple stores, but hey -- I got a good deal.  They didn't even charge me sales tax (like they usually do here in wonderful California).

I hope you're right, but I'm not so sure. Those promises have been broken before. It will be some time before I trust them again with regards to updates. You will see that worldwide there are still plenty of devices still waiting for GDR2.

Very tempting, but if I've managed to wait this long (still have my Lumia 900!), I might as well hope for a similar deal around Christmas for the Lumia 1520--once they figure out that like the 1020, the masses aren't going at it for $300.

Actually, when I got a 920 from ATT, and 6 days later when black Friday came, the price dropped $50, so I went to the store, showed them that they have this offer, and they credited my card $50. I'm sure Microsoft will do the same.

Can you return it, pay the $35 restocking fee and upgrade at the Microsoft Store instead?*
*I'm not sure if that is how it really works.

i believe so, i think everybody gets a 14 day buyers remorse policy, your eligibility is reinstated.

Damn i just passed my 14 day mark for the 1020. Totally would have returned this one and went and got a Lumia 1020 free from Microsoft LOL

Spoke with a MicrosoftStore specialist on the phone. They're not even aware of promo. Tried to find out if available in Tampa, FL. Perhaps only certain stores offer promo. Can't give me any more details.

If you didn't talk to someone in the store, you didn't get the final answer. The calls to the store go to a call center. The call center gave me bad info causing me to cancel something at the physical store. I drive the 45 miles to the store to be told the call center was wrong.

Never trust the call center. Go to the store. Its happened to ne twice.

Damn!!! Just got my 1020 couple weeks ago!!! Well... This is becoming a trend with lumias... I'll wait next time for those 99 cent deals or something like this next time...

White plains NY, I called and confirmed. I live closer to a Microsoft store in Danbury CT but they don't have that offer, they told me most of store carrying this deal are on the west coast.

920 isn't a bad choice though! You can see if they can offer any returns since it's only been a week. I would contact Amazon.

i also called the store in glendale and they said the samething but only the store in San Diedo has this deal till nov 4
the rep said.

I called the glendale location last night they told me it only applies to upgrades. I  think there might be some confusion or they dont know all the details, Im gonna give them other call next week and see if maybe they got everything sorted out.

Austin, Texas Microsoft store is not offering this deal. They told me they have had lots of enquiries about it. Either it's just certain stores, or you have to have the invite email would be my guess. 

You don't need an invite. I got this deal when I walked in planning to buy it for $199. It said $0 on the placards in front of the phones at the Microsoft Stre in Salem, NH.

I was just on the phone with the Microsoft Store here in Puerto Rico and it it looks like it's not available here...

No go in puerto rico
*Valid 10/11/2013 until 11/3/2013, or while supplies last. Available in Microsoft select retail stores in US (not including Puerto Rico). Customers must purchase new Nokia Lumia 1020 with a qualifying new or renewal contract or upgrade (2 years) to qualify for offer. Some exclusions apply. Limited quantities and colors available. Not valid on prior orders or purchases; cannot be transferred or otherwise redeemed for cash or gift cards. Combinable with Trade In offer. Limit 5 per customer. Taxes may apply. Void where prohibited or restricted by law.

Sadly, yes. I went to the Microsoft store with my sister so she could buy a 1020, but when they put in the information, it had an error because it was a business account. You have to order from the carrier. :'(

Not true, if you call ATT and ask them about an upgrade and say you want to get it somewhere else, they will honor it. I am on a business plan and they noted my file and I went to the MSFT store and they sold me the phone as an upgrade/early.

Microsoft Store doesn't price match as far as I know, so you would need to return and re-buy.

That's incorrect, unless you're playing semantics. MSFT is very aggressive with price matching the phones from official carriers, not from Amazon though.

FYI, here is the disclaimer, i didn't include that in my screenshot in the article. 
*Valid 10/11/2013 until 11/3/2013, or while supplies last. Available in Microsoft select retail stores in US (not including Puerto Rico). Customers must purchase new Nokia Lumia 1020 with a qualifying new or renewal contract or upgrade (2 years) to qualify for offer. Some exclusions apply. Limited quantities and colors available. Not valid on prior orders or purchases; cannot be transferred or otherwise redeemed for cash or gift cards. Combinable with Trade In offer. Limit 5 per customer. Taxes may apply. Void where prohibited or restricted by law.

I live in Southern California and the only location near me that offers this promotion is in San Diego.  Its not all Stores, just certain ones.

AT&T are idiots but not that much. There is a specific length that you would need to use it on their network for. If you cut the contract after a month, you would need to pay an ETF fee, part of the hardware price or they may demand you to return the phone.

I'm still pissed, picked up my 920 and had the 1020 release not long after :( kinda wish the let me do an upgrade (especially since my 920 has been giving me serious issues since the first week)

I just read the news yesterday that L1020 finally made its way to Brazil for $1,101.  Today its free at the Microsoft Store.  What's going on here MS/Nokia?  What kind of marketing is this?  Sigh!

I used to shrug this argument off but I can't anymore. I can save $150/mo by going from AT&T to TMobile. If somone was to buy the phone from Rogers Canada and unlock it, it would probably pay for itself in a few months even with having to pay the unsubsidized price. Even saving $50/mo would pay for itself in one year.

Oh how I wish I really wanted to make the switch to a WP now. I'm waiting for the "8.1 WP" update. Once that comes out I will make a decision to switch over or not. Some stuff just isn't where I want it to be yet with WP... but I am waiting to see what they come out with early 2014. I have an Iphone 4s but am getting a little bored with Apple products. I've had an Iphone since 3gs!

Killer deal. I've already got the 1020, and I thought I wanted the 1520, but there's no way I could downgrade the camera. I take quite a few pics so anyone that's in it for the camera, this is a crazy deal.

I knew this would happen. I'm waiting for the Nokia news first though to see what's coming next

You guys need to come out with really great phones that have no annual contracts like the 521 but better phones like the 925

This deal is NOT good at all Microsoft stores, only select stores.  It is not available at the Indianapolis Microsoft store.

I've been paying AT&T $260/mo for 4 lines. Just found out I can get a plan better tailored to each individual line/number from T-Mobile for $150/mo less. I've got a 1020 and three gen1 Titans and will gladly pay the ETF for all four accts. Even with having to buy three new phones outright (two 521's and a 925) and the three ETFs, I'll start reaping the savings at around five months.
Time to unlock my Lumia 1020 :)

I am thinking about going with the Target Bright Spot plan (I think that's what it's called).  I can unlock my phone and get my kids the Lumia 521.

The galleria store in Houston is offering the deal. And they have white in stock so it looks like I'm getting mine today.

That is simple calendar. It has only two appointments and has the bold text. Super calendar shows three appointments but has a finer text for the date.

It's tempting but I have a GS4 and a 920 and the 920 just sits in a desk all day (pathetic video podcast playback).  With the update 3 just released, I think we know that 1080p devices are not far behind.  Although the 1020 camera is probably the best, I just can't see upgrading when we know that Nokia is having some event next week.

I was at the Microsoft store in Cincinnati Ohio and showed him this post on my phone minutes after I got the alert. The service rep said I have no idea about that then asked the manager and he said no not at this store. So thanks for the update!

If I remember right, very select AT&T stores had the 1020 at the current $199 rate while most of the nation still had it at $299. This sale is a good sign that we will see these free elsewhere in the not so distant future (likely not permanently but on sale). Hopefully Seattle area soon!

Of course. We will give you the phone for free now, but you will pay us your fortune for the next 2 years. How tempting.

Just talked to a store Rep, they will match the offer if you can provide a link or any evidence of the promotion.

I concur, spoke to a rep in my area and they said they would price match the deal. Will head to the store later today and will know for sure if it goes through.

I'll just wait for the 1020's replacement when it is renewal time ~ 1 yr from now. Hopefully, they would have figured out by then that placing microsd support is a good thing for a phone that uses 41 megapixels.

Sweet!!! Im from houston too... i shall go check it out, my girl wants this phone.... well i do more lol

Wow I need to go find my local store and see if they have phones.  The store website makes it sound like they carry a certain "selection" of the products and with my luck that means just tablets lol.  It will actually be cheaper for me to go this route even though I have to pay an ETF of about $130-140 with Verizon vs. waiting until Dec. 15th (contract end) and paying the usual $199.

For free?  Makes me worried that this fantastic deal on a great Windows Phone would be eclipsed by the release of the Lumia 1520.  

I called the store in Scottsdale, AZ, and they say they will honor the offer. Hopefully, they'll say the same when I show up.

Called them back before heading to the store and now they say they won't honor it. Microsoft has a lot to learn about fostering customer loyalty.

For what it's worth, Frys Electronics is offering them at $99 with a 2 year contract...in-store only.

NICE, that's the mall I was talking about above.  Was going to head there tomorrow to see if they carried phones and see about bailing early on Verizon.  Will save about 60-70 vs. waiting till my contract ends in 2 months and buying it for $199 on contract.

And apparently they weren't supposed to be honoring the deal.  Showed up and they said they couldn't do it anymore and weren't supposed to in the first place.  Ugh, hour round trip drive for nothing.

I can confirm that the Microsoft Store in Providence Place Mall in Providence, Rhode Island is also honoring this deal. :D

My friend walked away with a hella shiny Lumia 1020 (yellow) *AND* they also took her iPhone 4s and gave her a $200 trade-in credit.

Now she is one VERY happy new Windows Phone user :D

I can confirm it works at the Microsoft speciality store at the Time Warner building at Columbus Circle NY,NY I just got a yellow Lumia. Only paid 99 which was the Microsoft warranty and no tax!!!

Beachwood Place Microsoft Store honored the promotion; price matching another store. My mom pick one up, she upgraded from a BB Torch (the one with the slide up keyboard).

Fyi, went to the store in Whitr Plains this morning, and there were no signs on the phones. The rep said the price changed today and were no longer $0. I pointed to a sign they missed that advertised it, so they honored the price for me, but this deal may be expired now. 

So, yesterday I called the Indianapolis Indiana Microsoft store and they said they were honoring this deal. Today we drive 1 1/2 hours to the store and they tell me the deal has been cancelled!!!!!!! BS!! Nice job Microsoft!! Keep up the good work!!------------------------------------------------------------------
Update: Before we left Indianapolis I got a call from the Microsoft store. They apologized repeatedly and ask if I was still in town because the offer was actually still valid!! We were about 10 miles from the store so we went back. And sure enough we got 2 new Lumia 1020s for free by signing a new 2 year agreement. Well, Microsoft came through after all! A big pain in the butt when it shouldn't have been.

Thanks for posting this!  I called them again and explained that someone had received two phones with this offer yesterday, the manager made an "exception".  He said the deal actually expired yesterday (even though it says Nov. 3rd), I was able to go into the store today and get it for free.  He explain that the two you received yesterday slipped through the cracks.

I'm going to the Natick store to get one gonna add a line transfer my # to that phone and the new # to my red 920 and I'll have the 1020 can't wait.

Picked one up last night at the Dadeland store here in Miami.  The girl said that at first it was just for select stores but then later on corporate said all stores could start offering it.  Its a really nice phone, almost got the camera grip for free too but that offer is only good in Canada right now..

Picked up a white one at the Natick store on Friday for my 17yr old daughter.  And, they threw in the camera grip for free too!  Woohoo!  I got her to convert from an iPhone 4; she was ready for an upgrade and has been using my backup 520 for three weeks just to be sure that she could use the OS.  Conversation went like this:
Me:  It has everything you need, and a kick-ass camera.
Her:  Apps?
Me:  Yep, thousands.
Her:  Social?
Me:  Yep!  Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Line, and Skype.
Her:  How about Instagram and Vine?
Me:  Nope, but there are awesome 3rd party apps (like 6tag and 6sec) that work great.  Don't forget all the camera apps too!
Her:  Cool.  I love the camera.  Let's do this!
Me:  In my best Mr Burns voice... "Excellent".  Another convert!  :)

I stopped by last week and they said they could give it to me for $99. Did you bring the deal print-out or anything with you?

I moved from Lumia 900 (pre-ordered on launch) but it was like cake left out in the rain after WP8!! Back to happy times now :)

Stanford Shopping Center store in Palo Alto gave me the same run-around. Denied there was an offer and then began asking to see the email. Anyone help out those of us without an email?

San Diego store told us yesterday that there were no more phones available due to "overwhelming demand".
I'm smelling a rat here due to the various conflicting stories being told to customers by the same location.