Best custom mechanical keyboards 2023

NZXT Function
NZXT Function (Image credit: Rich Edmonds / Windows Central)

Mechanical keyboards come in a variety of form factors, but there's a section of this market dedicated to a vibrant modding scene. Why use the very same keyboard like everyone else when you could buy a starter kit and personalize your own keyboard? I've rounded up some of the best custom mechanical keyboards out there.

What is the best custom mechanical keyboard?

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There's one major difference between your average best gaming keyboard and the best custom mechanical keyboard, and that's the ability to customize it to your liking. This could be hot-swapping switches or adding additional dampening and such inside the keyboard itself.

If you've seen keyboards out there with fancy keycaps and other custom bits and pieces, it's more than likely the owner used a kit like the ones we've recommended here in this collection. If you're new to the modding scene and just want a good value starter kit to get you going, the Keychron Q3 is a great choice, especially if you buy it preassembled.

This isn't the only great custom mechanical keyboard around, however, and our other picks are also worth considering. The Drop CTRL is another excellent keyboard that's a little old now, but it's still an amazing foundation. The MelGeek Mojo68 is also an interesting one since it's transparent and has wireless capabilities. There are just so many to choose from!

Rich Edmonds
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