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USB Type-C allows manufacturers to make thinner laptops by swapping out larger USB ports with smaller ones. We're not quite at a point where all devices support USB Type-C for easier connectivity, so if you have a cable with the traditional Type-A connector (the big bulky ones) then you will need an adapter or a hub to plug it into a PC with USB Type-C ports.

The latter is usually a good choice to go for since it offers multiple points of entry, allowing for multiple devices to be connected.


Sinstar USB Hub

This fancy-looking USB hub is designed with the MacBook in mind, but works fine with Windows 10 PCs. Because of this, you're getting a hub that looks like a premium accessory and will need to part with some cash for the privilege. At $65.99, it's not cheap.

The unit does come rocking some serious connectivity with three USB 3.0 ports, HDMI, Ethernet, SD, microSD, and USB Type-C. You could hook up a wide collection of devices, including a monitor and even access to the internet.

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AmazonBasics USB Hub

Amazon has a basic line of products that are usually more affordable than what's already on the market. This USB Type-C to Type-A hub is a fine example, coming it at only $15.99. As the name implies, it's a basic hub sporting only four USB Type-A ports.

A no-thrills solution to a Type-C problem. It's also available in white.

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Lenovo USB Hub

Interestingly, Lenovo offers its own USB Type-C hub and is priced rather aggressively. For just $2 ($17.99) more than the AmazonBasics hub, you will be able to pick up a hub with the same number of ports but housed in an aluminum shell.

Ideal for partnering up with an aluminum Windows 10 laptop that has only USB Type-C ports. The only downside, like the AmazonBasics offering, is the lack of any other ports. No Ethernet, no HDMI, and no SD.

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Satechi USB Hub

This Satechi hub not only includes two USB Type-A ports, but also a Type-C passthrough and HDMI for video. It's compact, slim and looks stylish for packing away on long journeys. Starting at around $49.99, the available color options also aren't too expensive for what's included.

Wirecutter rated this Satechi hub favorably:

The adapter consists of a solid-feeling aluminum block (4.3 inches long, just over an inch wide, and less than 0.4 inch at its thickest point) that connects to your computer via a permanently attached, 6-inch USB-C cable. On one edge are two USB 3.0 ports and a USB-C port—the latter only for passthrough charging—and the single HDMI port is found on the end opposite the cable.

And depending on what laptop you have, there are a number of colors available.

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Updated August 03, 2018: I checked this guide over to make sure we're recommending the best USB Type-C hubs.

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