Best ways to get a custom Xbox One controller

There are a large amount of special edition Xbox One controllers by Microsoft out there, with custom designs inspired by games like Gears of War and Sea of Thieves, and also just alternate paint jobs. However, what if you wanted something more personal?

There is a range of ways you can get fully customized controllers on the web, and here are the ones we've used (and love).

Controller Chaos

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Controller Chaos make some truly blinged-out custom designs, sporting a large catalog of options based on various games, texture designs, and much more.

Previously, we asked Controller Chaos to build a Twin Peaks-themed Xbox One Elite Controller based on the infamous pattern from the TV series' red room. Controller Chaos showed an attention to detail that you might expect of Microsoft itself, painting fine details remarkably closely, without interfering with the mechanical aspects of the controller.

Prices range from $60 to $160, depending on whether you want custom parts or colors, or an Xbox One Elite controller. Some of the designs are limited edition too, based on games that are hot right now, so better take a look quickly if you're in the market.

Controller Chaos


ColorWare is another renowned custom controller company, which also produces a wide range of to-the-millimeter accurate skins for laptops, phones, and all sorts of accessories. Previously, ColorWare designed some Windows Central-branded controllers for us, and we found them to be of remarkable quality.

ColorWare also offers a premium corporate service, which can print highly customized designs with branding and other logos. If you're a large streamer or YouTuber and want to get something special built for a big giveaway, ColorWare is a great option. Prices for custom Xbox controllers start at around $110.


Xbox Design Lab

Xbox controller

Xbox controller (Image credit: Windows Central)

Finally, there's the official Xbox Design Lab from Microsoft, which allows users to customize the coloration of each and every part of the controller via a handy web interface. While ColorWare and Controller Chaos also offer similar services, Microsoft has some unique options like metallic texturing for the triggers. Although Controller Chaos and ColorWare generally offer a wider array of customization options, the Xbox Design Lab often works out cheaper.

The Xbox Design Lab controllers are all Xbox One S models, complete with Bluetooth and textured grips. The quality is the kind you'd expect from an official Microsoft product, and the website is easy to use. Prices start at around $80.

Xbox Design Lab

Do you have a custom Xbox One controller design? Link it in the comments below!

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