Xbox One X consoles already run pretty cool, but if you live in a warm climate or simply want additional peace of mind, there are a few external cooling solutions that might be worth considering. Here are the best we've found so far.

FYOUNG Xbox One X stand

The FYOUNG Xbox One X stand combines various uses into a single package, including cooling fans.

It comes with additional USB ports, optional space to store games, and charging ports for two controllers. It has generally positive reviews, and should help keep your playspace tidy.

It costs just $25 on Amazon, so be sure to check it out.

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Muant Xbox One X stand

The Muant Xbox One X stand is another decent-looking option, comprising USB ports, controller charging, cooling fans, and game disc storage.

Most reviews seem to note that the disc storage option is pretty bad, but if you're 100 per cent digital, you can just remove that part and stick with the cooling and charging features.

The Muant stand is designed for Xbox One X and costs $11.99.

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FastSnail Xbox One X stand

The FastSnail Xbox One X stand is another decent option, designed specifically for the X.

It comes with USB ports for controller charging and storage, and three cooling fans on the underside, complete with non-slip rubber feet. Interestingly, it also has a green lightbar which slots in the gap between the two Xbox One X console modules.

This option has been reviewed very positively on Amazon, and will cost you just $20.

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