The Xbox Spring Update brings a range of new display features to all Xbox One consoles, including support for Variable Refresh Rates via AMD's FreeSync. Establishing a direct connection with your console, FreeSync monitors can adjust refresh rates on the fly, reducing screen tearing and stuttering for games.

To take advantage of FreeSync for Xbox One, you'll need a compatible monitor. While hundreds of FreeSync displays are on the market, Xbox One consoles are limited to a subset with HDMI support. We've rounded up our top FreeSync monitors for Xbox One across a range of price points.

Xbox One FreeSync and Variable Refresh Rates: Everything you need to know

Samsung C32HG70

Leading the pack is Samsung's C32HG70, a 32-inch vertical alignment (VA) monitor sporting a variety of features complementing the Xbox One X and Xbox One S. While it doesn't offer 4K, both consoles can take advantage of its 1440p resolution following the Xbox Spring Update.

What makes this monitor stand out is FreeSync 2 support – the latest revision with various improvements upon AMD's original specification. This allows for High Dynamic Range (HDR), with a wider gamut of colors and increased contrast ratio over traditional images. Paired with this monitor's HDR10 compliance, you'll see sharp, popping colors across supported Xbox One titles. This monitor offers a 48-100Hz frequency for FreeSync over HDMI, going above and beyond the Xbox One's current capabilities.

With only a few FreeSync 2 displays currently on the market, we'll have to wait some time until more surface. While the 32-inch C32HG70 is recommended at $549.99 from Amazon, a 27-inch model is also available for $532.80.

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LG 32UD89

The LG 32UD89 has a high price tag but is among the best FreeSync IPS monitors on the market today. Boasting 4K resolution at 60 Hz over HDMI, you'll be getting a crisp and equally smooth experience across your Xbox One library. Paired with a premium build, its display is encased with thin bezels, sits on a stand with adjustable pivot and height and offers a USB-Type C input for more devices.

FreeSync is supported across this monitor's HDMI ports, with a 40-60Hz frequency while connected to Xbox One. If the lack of HDR isn't a dealbreaker, the LG 32UD89's complete feature set is hard to beat. The LG 32UD89 is available for $799.99 via Amazon.

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Dropping in screen size without comprising resolution, the HP ENVY 27 is an ideal 4K display for smaller setups. This IPS monitor comes in at 27 inches, supporting up to 4K resolutions at 60 FPS.

Alongside a 5ms response time, this display serves up a 40-60Hz frequency for FreeSync over HDMI. This monitor's stylish looks also can't be ignored, rocking thin bezels, a sleek metallic frame, and detachable stand. The HP ENVY 27 is available from Amazon starting at $399.99.

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Acer KG270

Xbox One and Xbox One S gameplay is restricted to 1080p resolution, meaning a majority of high-end displays will go to waste. Dropping to 1080p, the Acer KG270 compiles a variety of premium features into a package that won't break the bank.

This 27-inch twisted nematic (TN) display is designed for FreeSync over HDMI, with two compatible ports and a VGA input on the rear. With a 1ms response time and frequency topping out at 75Hz, you'll be getting a responsive and smooth FreeSync experience. The Acer KG270 can be found at the low price of $182.38 at Amazon.

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LG 24MP59G

Just because you're on a budget doesn't mean FreeSync isn't for you. With adoption rapidly increasing among manufacturers, devices like LG's 24MP59G are a great way to experience the technology on the cheap. This 24-inch IPS display supports FreeSync over a 40Hz to 75Hz frequency at 1080p resolution. With a low response time and various software features to aid gamers, this is a great entry point into the FreeSync range.

While the 24-inch display comes in at just $149.99 at Amazon, a slightly larger 27-inch model is available for $180.07.

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