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Blackjack II coming Blackfriday

See that in the title - apparently it's not cool to put a space after the word "black" anymore. Anyhow - the update to the Blackjack is supposed to land on AT&T's shores November 21st, the same day as the Motorola Q9c hits Sprint. The Blackjack II is essentially just a refresh of the original Blackjack, but it does have some improved specs (including Windows Mobile 6, a much bigger battery, and AGPS). We got a look at it at CTIA, click here for the pics and our first impressions.

Overall we're actually pretty excited for the Blackjack II - it's not a stunner, but it's a solid refresh. We especially like the 5-way/scroll wheel - Microsoft should really force their manufacturers to make that standard issue.

A quick note - that AGPS - it's the standard "kinda sorta GPS" that we're starting to get to know, and it's very likely only going to work with TeleNav.

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WC Staff
WC Staff